Angels vs. Demons, a Capemedia short-film

Angels v Demons
Capemedia releases their latest iClone movie featuring the classic battle between good and evil. Colin’s fight scenes are becoming a signature part of his films and the AvD movie again demonstrates his expertise in this genre. Combining visual effects, talented voice work, a great score and cinematography, Angels vs. Demons showcases great iClone techniques.
From the creator:
Since the beginning of time a war has raged in purgatory.
This film does contain artistic nudity and so is given an 18 rating. Viewer’s discretion will be required, please take this into consideration when viewing this film.
Paula Cooper – Demon
Michelle Stephenson – Angel
Music from
Solemnis – Igor Dvorkin & Duncan Pittock
Video Co-Pilot Pro Scores
Sound Design from
Video Co-Pilot Designer Sound Effects
Soundeffects by
Animated with
iClone 3.2
Special Effects with
Adobe After Effects CS4
Edited with
Adobe Premiere CS4
Sky footage from
Written and directed by
Colin Cooper

Lemonade – an iClone film by Kurzal

Scatour debuts, “Lemonade,” a refreshing tale with a sour twist.

Lemonade movie poster
Great dialog film, even with subtitles it’s a great screen adaptation of Lawrence Blanks short story. Congratulations Scatour and – The dialog, set design, cameras and sound were all very nice.

War & Peace Short Film Competition 2009
A new era has arrived and the walls between your stories and a global audience are crumbling. The age of Visual Computing is here and with it’s arrival we are all capable of creating amazing digital content from the comfort of our home, studio or office. This new era is the ultimate green-light on your creativity with tools and hardware equipping you to export your imagination and realize your stories in real-time 3D animation.
Reallusion is partnered with worldwide industry leaders Intel and Nvidia in forging the age visual computing and providing you the ultimate real-time stage to tell your story through stunning animation tools that are accessible to all.
The War and Peace filmmaking competition is a celebration of this time of innovation and opportunity to spotlight your films and the independent spirit of today’s new filmmakers. Tell your story and submit the video to win select prizes and awards totaling a value of $10,000.
Visit the War & Peace competition website, learn the rules, enter a film or watch movies

Coming Home, a film by Propulsion Studios

This video is intended for 18+ due to brief nudity & adult situations.
Coming Home is an achievement in iClone filmmaking. Very good attention to sound, story, lighting and cinematography. Lizard gives high attention to detail on every shot.
Thanks to Dulci for directing me to this film from her blog.
From the creator:
“Sol Lindstrom is alone. He has lost the one thing that he looks forward to coming home to every day… his sweet Alyssa. Where his life once felt as though it had purpose he now finds it a series of agonizing events that sometimes feels all too much to deal with. Memories seem to now haunt his every day life as his mind races with the heartfelt questions of where he went wrong and how she could up and walk away from a love that was to last forever.”
View more about Propulsion studios on

iClone Biosphere content release: Video

TotalPlants Biosphere Collection
iClone Total Plants Biosphere Collection pack provides 400 Live Plants variations (including few creatures).
This pack facilitates you with tree system in which parameters are provided for various effects of the tree planted. You may plant trees on the terrain or even link or attach them to some other target objects. The trees can cast and receive shadow or even swaying with the wind when you play back. You may then create a forest or potting in your project.
1. You may move the trees with the Move, Rotate and Scale tools to manipulate the tree as you do to the props.
2. Wind: If you increase the Strength value, the trees that you plant sway harder when you play the project and vice versa.
3. Link: Because the trees are similar to props, you may then link your tree to a target such as a flowerpot.

Intel interviews Reallusion’s John Martin
During the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco I sat down with Intel to discuss Reallusion’s software products “iClone”, and “CrazyTalk” and about how being a member of the Intel Software Partner Program has benefited Reallusion as we optimize our products for Intel based machines. [The still frame above is one of my finer moments 😉 ]
For more information on on Reallusion visit:
For More information on the Intel Software Partner Program please visit:

ITReviewed 5 Stars – iClone 3 Pro Review

iClone gets 5 stars from
“iClone 3 Pro is a knock out and sets a new standard in consumer 3D animation. It provides cost benefits and low overheads, and you aren’t hamstrung by your own artistic abilities. Whether you’re into machinima full-time or just starting out in animation, iClone 3 is a brilliant package.”
Reallusion iClone 3 Pro

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Interactive War Machines

iClone WWII Machines of War Theme Pack
This theme pack contains: * The legendary armor tanks in WWII: German Panzer IV, Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II and M4 Sherman Tank from the allies *Mobilized Military Vehicles in WWII: German BMW 75 side car motorcycles, US Willys Jeep, cargo truck *Aircrafts in WWII: BF109 and FW190 from Luftwaffe, Spitfire from Royal Air Force and P51 Mustang from USAAF.
All machines in this pack are iProps. Through the built in Action Script and iAnimations, users can use the hot keys to move the vehicles forward, back or turn directly. They can also rotate the cannons on the tank or move the cannons up and down or even open fire. The interactive function of the fighter planes include the rotation of the propeller, Gear Up/Down, opening or closing of the cockpit and open fire. With the design like this, users can arrange and compose the animations anyway they want to fully enjoy play to create.
The production of every iProps concentrates on the sense of speed and gravity when operating these machines. The true realism is displayed together with smoke and dust particle effects. It is definitely the pack that you must have.
The bonus pack includes 4 specially designed terrains of battle field, including a grassland, snow land, dessert, and cliff.

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