iClone Project Runway: Students design fashions in virtual worlds

Fashion design in the real-world requires much ado to go from paper to Prête-a-porte. In the virtual world, designers shed the sewing and strut their stuff with Adobe Photoshop and Reallusion iClone. Students enrolled in the Textile Design course at the Heaton Manor School in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK are first exposed to fashion design by creating their CloneCloth fashions conceptualized by painting and image editing inside Photoshop. The students then fit their looks using iClone’s CloneCloth character texture patterns before sending their virtual fashion line down the 3D real-time runway. Creating the fashion design based on iClone’s CloneCloth characters give students a number of model and clothing style forms to choose from that best fits the vision for each look in their virtual fashion line. Students express their eye for fashion while learning image editing and texture creation with Photoshop and are able to quickly see their fashions come to life with 3D animation using the accessible features of iClone.

TMOA Radio: iClone vs. The Movies

The Movies On-Air Radio interviews Machinima filmmaker CapeMedia on his transition from ‘The Movies’ to iClone. TMOA, spends a very informative and entertaining segment in the studio with CapeMedia discussing iClone filmmaking from the view of a filmmaker in search of a new engine for production. Cape, a long time ‘The Movies,’ filmmaker talks about the challenges of filmmaking in The Movies and his reasons for choosing iClone while discussing with hosts, Ken and Roger, about the strengths and challenges met with working inside iClone. The full interview is a great listen for anyone currently working in other engines and considering a shift to iClone and for current iClone users there are many excellent points made about how to improve your productions and best utilize iClone in the complete production pipeline. Thanks to TMOA’s Ken and Roger and CapeMedia for sharing their excellent broadcast.
Listen: Download the MP3s for the show
MP3 #2 – Cape’s segment begins at 34:00
MP3 #3 – Cape’s segment continues including questions from listeners
CapeMedia’s “The Sword Dance”
Cape’s website: http://www.capemediauk.com/Films.htm

iClone, Radiohead and Aniboom.com

Calling all iClone filmmakers looking to become the next music video mogul! The Machinima community has deep roots in music video ‘mods’, but this time it’s all about originality. The Radiohead, Aniboom.com create-the-video contest has a few requirements, in the first stage entrants will need to create a storyboard for members of the band to review whereby they will select certain candidates to move to the next round. There are no limits to what kind of storyboard you submit and videos are allowed for ‘previz,’ giving iClone filmmakers a certain edge over the competition. Another edge, you only have until April 27th to complete your first entry so speed is key and iClone will be certain to aid in this. Finally with the ability for iClone filmmakers to own and distribute their own work with full commerical ownership you can confidently enter the contest without doubt that, if you win, the boys from Radiohead can showcase your work on MTV, MySpace and elsewhere while padding your wallet with a sweet $10,000 production deal and you’ll have zero worry about using it to pay legal fees to some game company. Good luck!
The full details and article from Animation Magazine
Online animation network Aniboom has teamed with TBD Records to launch a contest inviting Radiohead fans around the world to produce an animated music video for any song from the band’s latest album, In Rainbows. Radiohead band members will choose the winner, who will receive $10,000 to produce a full-length animated music video. The competition will be supported by Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block, as well as MySpace, where fans will be able to vote for their favorite videos.
(from Animation Magazine announcement) – read full article below

Binary Picture Show debuts iClone film

Leo Lucien follows the much talked about Machinima, “BEAST,” with a new movie filmed using iClone and that takes a light hearted look at the search for the perfect communal companion in, “Roommate Wanted.” The Binary Picture Show’s “BEAST” became a highly acclaimed Machinima movie portraying two characters we were instantly consumed with by their captivating emotional expression and facial animation generated by Leo using Reallusion’s CrazyTalk.

“CrazyTalk gave me the ability to do some great facial animation that would have been very difficult and time consuming in many other tools,” said Leo about using CrazyTalk in his studio.

Now, Binary Picture Show explores filmmaking with iClone after the successful addition of CrazyTalk to their arsenal. Already an iClone producer, Leo migrated his popular GNews with Lady Mainframe to iClone in 2007 and expanded the show to multiple monthly episodes improving production speed by filming in the iClone 3D real-time studio. Lady Mainframe and the Binary Picture Show rivaled most any G4 avataresque news or host and provided viewers with an entertaining update on video games and gaming technology.
The Binary Picture Show’s dedication to quality Machinima is one of the many fine reasons our art form is on the rise both among the ranks of the converted and also spreading to the masses in the mainstream.
“Roommate Wanted,” produced in association with Reallusion, features many out-of-box capabilities with iClone and additional content packs able to be added to the basic iClone library.

London Film Academy teaches iClone

The London Film Academy’s Digital Film VFX Certificate Program introduces students to previsualization techniques with iClone. Alan Marques, instructor and Visual Effects pro talks about how iClone is used at the London Film Academy in this video.

Alan Marques has 23 years experience in the digital special effects industry, VFX Supervisor, and Lead Tutor on LFA’s new Digital Film VFX Course, has over 30 feature film and television credits to his name including “GoldenEye”, “Seven Years in Tibet” and Werner Herzog’s “Invincible”. He has worked for a number of high-end visual effects companies including The Magic Camera Company, Artem Digital and Terry Gilliam’s Peerless Camera Company. He is a member of The Visual Effects Society and the BKSTS and has lectured to industry professionals for a number of years.

iClone Content Expands as 3DX 2 Launches

iClone adds connectivity to over 200,000 free 3D models with Google 3D Warehouse and new content packs featuring user-made character models.
3DXchange 2 features compatibility with Google SKP 3D models which are created with the free and easy to use 3D modeling tool, Google SketchUp. Google SKP compatibility with 3DXchange 2 expands evey iClone filmmakers library with free access to over 200,000 3D models available for download on the Google 3D Warehouse. Connect and search the Google 3D Warehouse for the perfect model to complete your iClone scenes directly from iClone 3DXchange 2 with the built-in Google 3D Warehouse browser.

iClone 3DXchange 2.0 is available through the Reallusion website.
Reallusion continues to release model content packs produced in-house and by iClone power-users.
Recent additions to the iClone online content store:
iClone City Elements content pack: 100+ models from Reallusion
more info

A Touch of the Orient: Cool Creators
more info
A touch of Africa v.1 – Cool Creators
more info

Kill Jim Liebowitz – iClone Comedy

New York based comedy group Olde English known for their super-viral video shorts enlist iClone machinimaker, M.D. McCallum to generate the iClone powered game footage of the fictitious, “Kill Jim Liebowitz,” video game. Olde English describes their latest short saying, “Video game violence must be stopped! Get behind Republican Senator Jim Liebowitz’s crusade to end the virtual bloodshed before it gets personal!” Following the recent showcase of Second Life on CBS and NBC, Olde English comedy group is another example of mainstream entertainment incorporating Machinima to engage their audience.


iClone 2.5 Features and Tutorials

Reallusion announces the release of iClone 2.5 including features for direct picking and object movement inside the 3D preview window, Camera enhancements and Character linkage with Objects for easy character interactivity. iClone 2.5 is a free upgrade now available to all Reallusion forum subscribers and set to release to everyone on 10/22/07. Feature details and video tutorials below…

video courtesy www.iClonetutorials.com
New features in iClone 2.5
1. Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects

    ‧Double click to select and edit characters, accessories and props from inside the 3D preview window.
    ‧Objects selected in the 3D window will automatically be highlighted and corresponding Modify panels will be opened.
    ‧Direct move and rotate any picked objects using hotkeys – move: alt + arrow keys, rotate: ctrl + left/right, up and down: ctrl + up/down.

2. Add Linkage between Objects and Characters

    ‧Characters can be seated in moving cars, mounted to ride a horse, bike or any vehicle.
    ‧Characters linked to moving objects will animate while following the motion of the object which they are linked to.
    ‧Characters or props can be linked to other characters, accessories or props so the position, scale and rotation data applies to both parent and child objects.

3. Realistic Horse Props & Motions

    ‧One highly detailed horse featuring 2 sample LiveProp animations and saddle.
    ‧Project includes the “Link-to” Linkage feature showing the link relationship between characters and props.
    ‧For complete Horse pack content with 3 types of horses, 13 walks, canters, and running horse motions, full saddle sets and riders’ motion pack, checkout the complete Horse & Tack Theme Pack.

4. Large Scene Camera & Camera Snap hot-keys

    ‧Press the “E” key to quickly auto level the camera back to the upright position if the camera gets tilted.
    ‧Press the “F” key to zoom the camera view to the front of the selected object.
    ‧Press the “Home” key to view the selected object from top right position.
    ‧Rotate and orbit camera to the “F” or “Home” keys focused objects.
    ‧Camera templates for medium, large and extremely large scale scenes. Film large cityscapes, terrains, architecture and more.
    ‧Large camera templates remove the error of sky clipping issues.

5. Enhance character motions with BSM
(Bone System Modification)

    ‧Use a BSM file to fix motion distortion problems caused by applying motion data from a different bone scale base (G1 Characters applied with G2 character motions, or different scaled character using standard motion data)
    ‧Advanced motion tuning access with customization of Bone System Modification script (txt) files to create personalized character settings.

iClone 2.5 includes one Thoroughbred Horse as a Bonus Prop showcasing the ‘Link-to’ feature. An all New Horse Collection Pack debuts in the Content Store 10/22.
The horse contains two motions for your entertainment.
If you need a complete solution for horse animation,
please also check out the “Horse & Tack Theme Pack”.

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