Full-contact Filmmaking! Competitive cinema packs punch with Web 2.0

First rule of film school fight club…
Your movies are in high-demand, even the one’s you haven’t made yet.
The storm of citizen director films on sites such as YouTube and BlipTV exposes web viewers to entertainment from the most unlikely of sources, themselves. Not only are the swarms of web fans flocking to become ‘subscribers’ of their peer productions, but they are transforming in record-time from audience to auteur. Electrifying the surge of citizen directors is largely attributed to the advancements in video hardware and animation production though the genre known as Machinima. Machinima filmmakers blow away the Hollywood constraints of prolonged production obstacles and offer fresh content produced in studios that are normally smaller than a major studio’s coat closet. What more, Machinima delivers fast paced production making it a method of madness and certain power up for full-contact filmmaking. Machinima’s crew of gamers and techies are raising a real-time renaissance and the mass media is beginning to respond.

SciFi.com and VH1 are addressing the rise in user generated films fueling the Web 2.0 mega trend. Filmmakers from traditional methods to real-time Machinima go frame-to-frame in VH1’s Acceptable.TV where a vist to their website will deliver a tasty morsel from Jack Black waxing Shakespeare as he gives you the low down on how to enter VH1’s video challenge. Acceptable.TV is now calling all citizen directors to submit original films, which will be judged by web viewers throughout the week and highest votes get a sweet prime-time slot on the weekly VH1 tv show. Are you acceptable?
Whip out your warp drive and get ready to battle. Blasting competitive filmmaking to new worlds, Scifi Channel equips filmmakers for a quantum leap into the role of writer and director with Battlestar Galactia. SciFi has included a nice library of video and audio resources to aid in production. Winners of the Battlestar Galactia competition will air their film on Scifi during a primetime episode of Battlestar.
Competitive filmmaking spurs the muse allowing a production poised population to take aim and shoot films based on themes and objectives. Full-contact filmmaking swings storytellers into an imaginative exercise that celebrates the emergence of the citizen director.

Electric Sheep & CrazyTalk, animating Second Life Machinima

‘The Grid Review,’ covers the headlines from inside Second Life delivering a smart series that’s worth a stream. Animating, ‘The Grid Review,’ mixes Second Life Machinima and CrazyTalk facial animation to bring the Second Life avatars to life as talking actors. CrazyTalk is a complete facial animation studio for storytellers and filmmakers with accessible tools for creating characters from any photo, JPG or BMP. CrazyTalk’s real-time playback puppets characters with voice audio. CrazyTalk facial animation was also featured behind the trailblazing Machinima from Electric Sheep, the CBS Evening News. The Second Life version of the CBS Evening News delivered the anchor’s stories through the technology of CrazyTalk. Companies like Electric Sheep are pioneers when it comes to finding inventive ways to produce with signature-Machiniima low production resource requirements aiming for high impact studio results. Tools like CrazyTalk are perfect for studios seeking efficient alternatives to animation that are designed to save production time. ‘The Grid Review,” showcases talking Second Life avtars, which otherwise do not speak in the world of Second Life. CrazyTalk creates talking characters that are performing well for the Electric Sheep.
more info: The Grid Review
more info: CrazyTalk by Reallusion

Captain Pizazz and the Defenders of Funk

CityTown is overtaken by zombies under the control of Lord Rigormortis, assisted by one of his most gangsta henchman, the Perpetrator. Captain Pizazz and his sidekick Boy Joy accept the roles of groovy super-duo destined to drop the FUNK and enforce the FIST OF FUNK. CityTown is where it’s going down, you dig? The iClone animated series, Captain Pizazz and the Defenders of Funk coming soon from The Martin Bros.

Machinima 101 showcases iClone as flexible Machinima studio

Understanding the fundamentals of filmmaking formulates a finely tuned film. However, understanding the visual definition of these composition concepts is not well translated from textbooks so a challenge to build a collection of visual filmmaking terms through a series of short films was accepted. Machinima.com hosts a detailed filmmakers resource center with access to articles, tutorials, and other filmmakers where the goal to collectively enhance the craft is key. iClone and Reallusion sponsor the Machinima 101 Filmmakers Resource Center on Machinima.com. Check out the 36 iClone shorts produced by the Martin Bros. and powered by Reallusion.
Shooting – iClone Filmmaking Terms
Directing – iClone Filmmaking Terms
Editing – iClone Filmmaking Terms

iClone 2.0 releasing in March

iClone 2.0 is set to release in March with more powerful content and HD video output. New content included with iClone 2.0 introduces a real-time SFX special effects engine for particle and fog visual effects. Generate instant jet thrusters, weather, blood spatter, tunnels, magic, lasers more with a completely new SFX section of iClone featuring a Modify panel with control over particle and emitter assignment to characters, scene objects or as environmental effects. The image posted here is a glimpse of what will be possible with iClone 2.0 particle effects and the ability to assign them to character bone segments. Dr. Drill of CoolClones.com contributed this Torch from iClone 2.0 beta currently in testing.

Frankenstein goes Viral!

Fire bad, commentary good! Reanimating Frankenstien doesn’t require lightning bolts for mad scientists any longer, well mad scientists are always a plus, but MysteryWalker, the creator of YouTube’s social commentator and spam soldier has found a lab to breathe life into his chatty creature.

MysteryWalker said, “I used iClone to make a Frankenstein persona to use for blogging. 3D characters made in iClone integrate well with film footage and live action models via chroma keying effects. There are so many applicatons to iClone. It’s similar to Flash in that respect.”

Stay tuned for more Frankenstein! – Watch more Frankenstein now in iClone Movies – Horror