iClone 3 – UI screenshots – post #01

The evolution of accessible animation continues as we prepare to launch iClone 3. Reallusion’s vision for iClone combined with the many popular user enhancement requests define the iClone 3 experience. The features and interface updates in iClone 3 come in part from the many requests made by users on the forums, email and our discussions with you about how iClone should grow. The tools we’ve included inside iClone 3 are all carefull selections I’ll reveal in detail in further posts and every new tool is certain to make your iClone films easier to create while delivering a new level of production quality.
iClone 3 will be available in July 2008 and in the coming weeks as we prepare for the launch I will share with you details of the new iClone 3 features, what they are designed to improve and demonstrate their use through videos and screenshots. The iClone dev team has logged some unbelievable hours in the production of iClone 3 and the innovation will show the heart and soul each of them has poured into this release. iClone began as an experiment in enhancing avatar creation and customization inside a real-time animation engine. Since that time the evolution of iClone has been focused on delivering the easiest actor avatar generator inside a truly innovative filmmaking environment.
iclone 3 screenshot
iClone 3 is equipped to take your filmmaking ahead into an interactive level of control where you will, ‘play-to-create’ through:

  • real-time game-like (W,A,S,D) character puppeteering
  • real-time vehicle control
  • Interactive props with XML based ‘Dramascript’
  • 1st person fly and walk cams that are ‘live’ recordable
  • multi-character dialogue
  • multiple undo
  • new camera & lighting system
  • sky, water & terrain
  • in-Scene Motion Editing & Posing
  • in-Preview window click & edit of any object
  • Enhanced Timeline Editor
  • Landscape painting for custom World Wilderness
  • CrazyTalk 5 compatible (Facial puppeteering & Lip-Sync
  • …and many more features designed to immerse you into a filmmaking tool where your stories are created and controlled by the instant imagination. I’ll post new updates and examples of iClone 3 as we near launch in July. Through our official dev blog here at iClone.tv the many new features of iClone will be revealed in detail. More coming soon and thanks again to everyone in the community for your feedback. The feedback you’ve provided through the forum and your e-mails enable us to build and include the tools you desire. Together, everyone who has shared their ideas for the ultimate filmmaking and machinima tool are a part of the creative spirit inside iClone 3.
    iClone 3 has a new color scheme, collapsible windows and panels & new windows for scene management.
    iclone 3 screenshot
    The Scene Manager window located in the lower left gives you access to every item in the project included fast toggles to turn items on/off. You can switch to any item’s Modify section just by clicking its row in the Scene manager. Lights including the new Spotlight, Point Light, Omni, etc can be turned on/off, shadows on/off or click to show more modification options for lights. The scene manager details the face count for every object in the scene so you can easily see where larger or smaller objects are in your project.
    iclone 3 screenshot

    Girls, Girls, Girls – iClone fashion by Bernita

    iClone user-generated clothing made with the CloneCloth design system allows customers like, ‘Bernita’ to contribute custom character designs based on her excellent texturing skills. iClone customers can easily contribute fashions to the content library of iClone and choose to share as freebies through the iClone forum or submit to iClone content store for sale or on their own web sites. Bernita’s fashion design for iClone showcases elegant and evening wear for female iClone G2 characters.

    iClone character fashion by Bernita - Goodnight female 3d avatar
    iClone Fashion design CloneCloth by Bernita for iClone 3d avatar

    Frank Dellario Interview – Electric Sheep & CrazyTalk

    Virtual Worlds 2008 NYC – Frank Dellario, VP Machinima Production discusses Electric Sheep Machinima using Reallusion’s CrazyTalk. While attending Virtual Worlds 2008 in NYC I had the opportunity to chat with Frank about the Electric Sheep and their recent work with CBS’s CSI:NY Machinima episodes and in-world virtual experience.

    read more | digg story

    Film The World and win with iClone

    Reallusion is transforming Google Earth into the world’s largest movie studio. Import Google 3D models into iClone now to create your movie and become a virtual international movie mogul with Realluison’s “Film the World” movie challenge! – View Film Submissions
    Download a free version of iClone to create an animation and enter to win over $1,000 in prizes including an iPOD Touch!

    Select any famous location or landmark from around the world using a 3D model found on Google 3D Warehouse.
    You may also select models from the Film the World collection to add to your movie.
    Download iClone 3DXchange free to convert any Google SketchUp or 3D warehouse model into a model ready for use inside iClone.Get a Free 45 day version of iClone to create your animation clip for the contest and enter to win!
    Click the link below to learn more!

    Utada Hikaru Filmmaker talks iClone

    If you have not been privileged to experience the work of John Holland then you are in for a treat. If you know his work, then you’ll be happy to know he has released his 11th iClone video featuring the music of Utada Hikaru. I recently talked with John and asked him to tell us more about himself and his iClone filmmaking process.
    Since I first discovered John’s work in 2006, I’ve followed his rise from first-time animator with iClone to full-time student at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I’m impressed with the journey John has taken and feel it’s representative of many stories that the Machinima craft has to tell. The power of the filmmaker is no longer exclusively in heart of the Hollywood hills, it’s now in the heart of every imaginative soul.
    Reallusion Interview with John Holland:
    RL: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? A quick bio?
    Lets see, well my name is John Holland, I am 20 years old, and I am a Animation Sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I live in Georgia and I have been animating here and there for a little over 2 years now.
    RL: How long have you been using iClone?
    I’ve been using iClone since the end of 2005 when I downloaded the trial version of the program(I found it by accident and i’m really glad that I did because its what made me realize I want to do this for a living). I had never animated anything before at this point and I always thought it might be fun to give it a try.
    RL: Why have you chosen iClone as your tool for animating Utada music videos?
    I decided to use iClone for my Utada music videos because I just find its pretty easy to use and I can get the results I want with it in just a couple hours of work, you don’t have to an experienced animator to create great videos, and with each upgrade it seems that the program just gets better and better.
    RL: How long does it normally take to create one of your videos with iClone?
    For each video I make, the time it takes to finish one depends mostly on the amount of time I have when I’m not working on projects for school. The overall time I guess each would take if I just constantly work on it for a couple of hours each day, would put them at about a week.
    RL: What video editor do you use?
    For editing videos, I just use Windows Movie Maker. Probably not the most professional tool, but it is pretty simple to use and gets the job I want done.
    RL: Can you explain your process that you plan your shots inside iClone. Do you storyboard your videos?
    When I start a new video, I just listen and look at the lyrics to the songs I plan to use, and just see what comes to mind. I usually make a list of things that I think would be interesting to do, images that come into my mind when I hear certain parts, colors, lighting, and things like that. So I don’t necessarily storyboard my videos out, but I don’t go into each video without some idea of what I hope to achieve.
    RL: What do you like most about iClone?
    As for picking one feature to say I like best is pretty hard, because there are a couple things I really enjoy about iClone. I really like 3DXchange and Clone Cloth, I think they both allow for a lot more customization to the things everyone can create with iClone.
    RL: What would you like to see added or refined in the forthcoming iClone 3?
    With iClone 3 coming out soon, I really would like to see being able to animate independently more than one character at a time. I think that would be a great feature. As for other inclusions, I’d really like to see more types of animals added to iClone like Dogs and Cats. From some of the things I’ve heard are supposed to be in iClone 3, I think Reallusion is heading in the right direction.
    View all 11 of John Holland’s iClone Music Videos

    iClone: Hundred Years War Movie

    Click here to see the high resolution video
    Hundred Year’s war is the first Reallusion iClone content collection featuring models and characters from the medieval age. The pack contains various armored characters, horses, scenes, and props which best represent the particular time period during the French and English battles. There are 6 characters(English Cavalry, Longbow Archer, French Heavy Cavalry, Crossbowman, Pikemen), 3 live prop battle horses(Armored horses, Courser), 112 amazing fighting motions.
    >>)———> Learn to shoot an Arrow
    View the complete Pack: Hundred Years’ War Theme Pack
    (Hundred Years’ War pack available for purchase as a single collection or multiple mini content packs: Infantry, Cavalry, Battleground)

    iClone Project Runway: Students design fashions in virtual worlds

    Fashion design in the real-world requires much ado to go from paper to Prête-a-porte. In the virtual world, designers shed the sewing and strut their stuff with Adobe Photoshop and Reallusion iClone. Students enrolled in the Textile Design course at the Heaton Manor School in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK are first exposed to fashion design by creating their CloneCloth fashions conceptualized by painting and image editing inside Photoshop. The students then fit their looks using iClone’s CloneCloth character texture patterns before sending their virtual fashion line down the 3D real-time runway. Creating the fashion design based on iClone’s CloneCloth characters give students a number of model and clothing style forms to choose from that best fits the vision for each look in their virtual fashion line. Students express their eye for fashion while learning image editing and texture creation with Photoshop and are able to quickly see their fashions come to life with 3D animation using the accessible features of iClone.

    TMOA Radio: iClone vs. The Movies

    The Movies On-Air Radio interviews Machinima filmmaker CapeMedia on his transition from ‘The Movies’ to iClone. TMOA, spends a very informative and entertaining segment in the studio with CapeMedia discussing iClone filmmaking from the view of a filmmaker in search of a new engine for production. Cape, a long time ‘The Movies,’ filmmaker talks about the challenges of filmmaking in The Movies and his reasons for choosing iClone while discussing with hosts, Ken and Roger, about the strengths and challenges met with working inside iClone. The full interview is a great listen for anyone currently working in other engines and considering a shift to iClone and for current iClone users there are many excellent points made about how to improve your productions and best utilize iClone in the complete production pipeline. Thanks to TMOA’s Ken and Roger and CapeMedia for sharing their excellent broadcast.
    Listen: Download the MP3s for the show
    MP3 #2 – Cape’s segment begins at 34:00
    MP3 #3 – Cape’s segment continues including questions from listeners
    CapeMedia’s “The Sword Dance”
    Cape’s website: http://www.capemediauk.com/Films.htm