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We’ve launched a ton of content over the last year, but this one is by far my favorite content pack.  Sci-Fi Robots & Machines are a great collection of Robot parts and robot base characters that give you everything you need to build Alien, Mech or completely original biped, hexaped & more creatures or creative machines.  See the demo movies belo and get the full pack details and purchase here: http://www.reallusion.com/contentstore/csproduct.aspx?contentid=AIC410DIENU011620100204001&MenuItem=ic_combo&Type=Combo

Movie of the week: “The Duleks” SatScape Films

This brilliant short series has everything and really show’s the flexibility of iClone with characters.  Robots and a Talking Toilet?  No problem.  SatScape Films bring their award-winning eye to iClone and what an arrival it is!

“The Duleks” episode 1

“The Duleks” episode 2

Tony the Talking Toilet

Reallusion launches iPhone apps: Photo Makeover & 10x Camera Tools PRO

Reallusion apps launch the best creative tools for iPhone digital imaging & animation.

We are excited to announce that Reallusion’s iPhone Apps are at the top 5 list in US and UK Photograph category.   Photo Makeover is a face reshaping and beautification app, while 10x Camera Tools PRO provides a complete camera, album, photo geotagging and interactive photo action center.

Reallusion iPhone Apps have the best technology and creative design and their popularity has soared up the App Store charts in a very short time.   Currently, our apps are  top 10 Photo Apps in over 30 countries, but still good feedback is always needed and we hope we can hear what you like the most with a Rating and Review when you buy or try a Reallusion app   Please do help support furthering Reallusion design, and give us your true comments and rating.  We need your help to counter those malicious attacks from competitors.  The app marketplace is a full contact sport!!
We will keep on the innovation, and introduce more apps to fulfill your creative and productive iPhone life. Please feel free to have discussion in this thread.


Charles Chen, CEO Reallusion

Dr. Nemisis’ mad science for importing SIMS to iClone

Dr. Nemisis, aka Leo Lucien-Bay, is an acclaimed filmmaker and now one of the big brains behind the cinematic scenes of BioWare’s forthcoming Mass Effect 2.  In this tutorial the Dr. shows that his Machinima roots still run deep with a simple walkthrough of importing SIMS assets by modders of the PC game into iClone. 


See how the Dr. gets creative with content collection using iClone 3DXchange, the utility to import any 3DS, OBJ or Sketch-Up model.

Movie Monday: Voyages of the Sojourner

Gabe’s Anima Technica premieres this 3 part steampunk series with a wide range of Machinima actors.  You’ll hear many voices from around the community and even my best southern US/german scientist accent in part 2.  Gabe’s movies are always full of rich set design and custom clothing for the actors.  It takes time to work in that detail, but Gabe is a great example of why it’s all worth the time.

Recently Gabe shared some of comments about his filmmaking journey with iClone:

Gabe Abchanzar, Anima Technica

By day I am a marketing analyst for a microprocessor company and after work, i turn into Anima Technica, a machinima movie maker, digital artist and character designer. When i am not making machinima, i am often at various internet radio shows commenting on the use of iClone for machinima, as well as driving my daughter to her soccer games. An avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy and adventure stories, I had always wanted to try my hand at writing stories in these genres but never got around to it.
When i first ran into iClone it just opened my eyes to the possibility that here at last is a easy enough tool to not only tell my stories, but also allow me to visualize pictures i’ve had in my head.

With the rise of user created content and machinima – i coined a term to describe my activity as MyCinema – movies created by me, for me, that hopefully others can enjoy as well. My current project is called The Voyages of the Sojourner which is a sci-fi Steampunked themed story. I use iClone exclusively for generating most if not all of the shots in this as well as my older movies. iClone produces amazing visual quality for a machinima creation tool. It offers such a range of flexibility that movie genres is only limited by your imagination.

Reallusion launches iPhone app: 10x Camera Tools (Watch Video)

Reallusion’s roots run deep when it comes to digital imaging and animation technology and now we’re branching our core technologies to the iPhone.  10x Camera Tools is our debut free app in iTunes and gives you the most essential camera and photo album tools to make your iPhone camera more like a true digital camera.  Add notes to photos, geo-tag every shot and do it all with our one-touch design that combines the power of Reallusion software with the single-handed touch interface of the iPhone.

Here’s a video showing 10x Camera Tools in action.  Download it for FREE in iTunes and please Rate & Review our app.  Thanks!

Movie Monday – “Echos” iClone film by Raven2Angel

Welcome to the first Movie Monday on the Reallusion blog.  Each week I’ll be spotlighting an iClone film, filmmaking project or test reel for discussion.  Some films will be from recent works and some may be classic iClone movies from you that we’d like to once again share and enjoy.  So pop some corn in the microwave and grab a soda for today’s movie.

“Echos”, an iClone film by Raven2Angel


Echoes from Raven Angel on Vimeo.

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