PC World reviews Reallusion iClone 3 Pro

While still something of a niche interest, 3-D filmmaking has enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years. This is in large part thanks to the prolific output of the machinima gaming community. An amalgamation of the words ‘machine’ and ‘cinema’ machinima refers to the use of pre-built 3-D worlds to produce animated movies — and it’s beginning…

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NVISION 2008 & DL.TV showcase iClone 3

Nvision iClone ReallusionNVIDIA hosted visual computing and gaming pioneers from across the globe in San Jose, CA this week during NVISION. Displaying a showcase of the best eyecandy in the business, NVISION certainly delivered on the visuals.
Reallusion’s iClone 3 was highlighted as a leading technology inside NVIDIA’s Emerging Company Summit where innovators from 3D graphics, virtual worlds, motion capture and real-time interaction were spotlighted for pushing the frontier of visual computing. Ziff Davis TV (DL.tv) covered the best of NVISION with a look at iClone 3, 3D stereoscopics, gaming, and some killer PC case mods. Nvidia has set the bar for visual computing events, not to mention the fact that a new Guiness World Record was set for the largest/longest LAN party. W00t!
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iClone 3, The 3D Movie Machine 08-08-08

The official launch is set for 08-08-08 and you can get the full details and some demo video here:

Complete What’s New list on the Reallusion Forum

Thank you for your patience as we have been working to complete iClone 3. Now it’s time to see what we’ve been up to. Since we launched iClone we have gotten many feature requests and comments each day on how to improve iClone. We know you all wish to quickly move iClone to the next stage as much as we do. It’s tough, we’ve been working at this goal over 18 months of development and we appreciate your patience; however, you certainly won’t regret the wait.
iClone 3 heads
We start from this basic philosophy, to make a good movie the actor is important, the director is important, the cameras and lighting are important, editing and post production are important too. So to this, Reallusion has reinvented iClone with this ideology: CREATE – PLAY – EDIT – SHARE
iClone Cameras
iClone 3 combines the best of both worlds to achieve this new invention. We’ve combined the interactive productivity and playful experience of a videogame-based Machinima tool with the muscle of a professional multiple timeline 3D animation tool resulting in a blend that’s easy to use and packed with power.
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 tools panel

iClone Film Sets & Props Collection I

iClone poweruser, H. Montana creates 9 new 3D scenes and 188 new props designed to bring out the set designer in all iClone filmmakers.
The purpose of Filmset and Props is to establish the concept of a movie studio so you can construct the filmset anyway you want. This series introduces more delicate textures to design props and partitions to satisfy your need to shoot the film closely.
The specially designed props set combines the floor with some of the furniture so you can construct only the partition to create a complete set quickly. Furthermore, you can use the scale, rotate, and move function in iClone to control the partition allocation of the set, and create a perfect indoor set suitable to your needs.
This combo pack includes 9 different interior designs: Bali Living Room, Classic Living Room, Japanese Living Room, Laconic Bathroom, Laconic Living Room, Mediterranean Bedroom, Modern Boardroom, Night Club, Yuppie Bedroom.

UK Pop Star debuts Machinima Music Video

HypoHeretic – an iClone Machinima music video
Hypoheretic is a song by hit UK music artist, Kirsty Hawkshaw.
Kirsty HawkshawKirsty has many chart topping tracks to her credit and currently holds the #2 dance music track in the UK for, ‘Fine Day 2008’. Kirsty is a pioneer in dance and pop music with early success performing with her band Opus III in the 90’s and later singing with electronic superstars: Orbital, Paul Okenfold, BT, DJ Tiesto and more.
http://www.themartinbros.com/borg.html for more information and production notes
Film by John C Martin II, The Martin Bros.
Filmed in real-time 3D with Reallusion iClone 2.5
Edited with Ulead Video Studio 11
Performed by Kirsty Hawkshaw
Song Produced by kirsty hawkshaw and Glen Nicols
Lyrics by kirsty hawkshaw and Alex Mei
The filmmaking process all took place in iClone for the footage generation and then post editing done with Ulead Video Studio 11. The compatibility with Google 3D Warehouse and DAZ 3D models made content collection for models needed in the production much easier using iClone 3DXchange. I detail the models used and a standard filmmaking technique, Matte Painting, in more detail at www.TheMartinbros.com.

Metroid: Brainclone Genocide with iClone

METROID braInClone GenOcide from The Martin Brothers
Way, way, waaaay, before Lara Croft grunted and moaned her way through Tomb Raider there was another galactic girl power that kept us asking for more, Samus Aran of Nintendo’s Metroid series. Beginning with the classic NES 8-bit wonder, Metroid consumed mega hours of intense play with users determined to solve the levels, beat the bosses and ultimatly defeat Mother Brain. Mother Brain, here’s a boss name that will forever belong to Metroid and like many other Nintendo titles, Metroid adds to the amazing foundation that Nintendo built on their highly recognizeable and celebrated title empire.

Metroid Machinima Animation James Martin Martin Brothers Studio
Whether you rocked the NES, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube or Wii, you likely spent some time immersed in the world of Metroid. iClone filmmaker, James Martin of The Martin Brothers, returns to the adventure with a twist on Machinima. Metroid: Brainclone Genocide is a 12 minute animated short-film inspired by the music of MetroidMetal.com where Grant Henry and fellow musicians transform the music of Metroid into crushing Heavy Metal anthems. What started as an appreciation for Metal Metroid’s music has evolved through the project into Metal Metroid joining an elite group of musicians that have offered official artist premission and support to their music for a Machinima film.

Metroid Machinima Animation James Martin Martin Brothers Studio
Metroid: Brainclone Genocide is created with Reallusion iClone 2.5 featuring a rigged Samus as a custom iClone character prepared for animating in iClone with 3D Studio Max.
Filmmaking in a real-time engine like iClone let’s the storyteller shift and shape the scene like a living organism that instantly reflects your adjustments,” said James.

Metroid Machinima Animation James Martin Martin Brothers Studio

See more about how the content was created for the film.
More about Martin Brothers: www.TheMartinBros.com

Metroid Machinima Animation James Martin Martin Brothers Studio

Jesus! Rampage in Rio

Cristo Redentor
The Film the World contest has inspired some great shorts from the community showcasing iClone animation and Google SketchUp models. Here’s one of the latest submissions from iClone filmmaker David-Josue. Josue goes big with his latest iClone short featuring a towering romp through Rio de Janeiro with Christ the Redeemer.
Notes from David:
(Portuguese: O Cristo Redentor), is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The statue stands 39.6 metres, and is located at the peak of the Corcovado mountain overlooking the city. A symbol of Christianity, the statue has become an icon of Rio and Brazil.
In this short animation film Christ the Redeemer,is back to life. He is walking down Rio de Janeiro streets, undressing little by little, until He plunges into the sea.
This video is inspired by the famous commercial film of Hollywood chewing gum ]