Modeling 3D Clothes with Marvelous Designer for Real-Time Physics Animation

When embarking on a character creation project there are so many things to plan for that it might seem overwhelming at first. Artists don’t just have to worry about coming up with the concept of the character, but they also need to consider sculpting a 3D character, shaping the details, creating a 3D mesh, texturing, and finally rigging and animating. What makes this process even more demanding is the need to model custom 3D clothing, more so if you actually wish this custom clothing to have soft cloth physics simulations.

What is the Best tool for 3D Clothing Creation?

3D Compositing for Everyday Special Effects and Video Editors

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Breaking Down the Complexity, One Layer at a Time

When people think about 3D Compositing, the first adjective that comes to mind is… complicated. Very complicated. As the thought of having to do 3D compositing brings concerns of having to combine computer-generated assets, with live video footage, complex lighting designs, synchronized real-time animation, and accurate camera adjustments.

To the everyday video editor or special effects artist, all this can seem a bit daunting, when in reality it is all but the opposite thanks to a streamlined suite of amazing software tools.

Talk to a Pro: Steve Horowitz, Co-Founder, Game Audio Institute 

We caught up with Steve Horowitz recently to talk about how he’s been using iClone to help his students build up their skills to break into the video game industry.

Game Audio Institute has been using iClone to build the curriculum.


Bring Your Data to Life with Animated Infographics

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Whether in school or work, we’ve all sat through countless presentations – some quite engaging, but others – pretty painful.  Chances are, some of those were painful because of how the data was presented – in massive tables and hard-to-read graphs that lacked a compelling story.  Many presenters believe that “the numbers speak for themselves” and that the audience will automatically follow the speaker’s logic.

But this assumption is dangerous and does a huge disservice to data, massively hindering its potential.

The Silas and Ami Show debuts with CrazyTalk

DarkestGoth Magazine launches indie animated podcast, “The Silas and Ami Show” featuring animation from CrazyTalk.  In celebrating the debut of their show, we caught up with the show’s creators to talk about the production and how they liked working with CrazyTalk.  [NSFW]

Don’t miss the fun with this DarkestGoth Original Series that’s being called a “cross between cult animation from Monty Python and Mike Judge and radio talk shows like Howard Stern and Love Lines!”

“When it came time for us to create our first original series at DarkestGoth Magazine–The Silas & Ami Show (–we had the opportunity to meet and work with two very talented improv comic actors who had a unique problem: they worked in careers that are highly critical of the type of humor they excel at. Because of this, an animated format was the only viable solution to protect their anonymity, while permitting them the license to comment on the world around them without being censored. 

But with only one editor (who had no 2D animation experience), that would’ve proved impossible at almost any other time in history. Fortunately for us, our friends at MicroFilmmaker Magazine ( needed to test out CrazyTalk 7 Pro from Reallusion, a software that generates animation of a still image from a voice track and which had recently included the ability to generate body language based on voice acting. 
The software allowed us to take still image drawn characters for our actors and turn them into living, breathing characters in a fraction of the time of any other solutions we looked at. In fact, we were able to go from pitch to our Halloween premiere in only six months–which blows my mind!
Because so much can be done after the fact with CrazyTalk, I’m able to provide the actors with just a topic and let them respond in a very organic way at Oakwood Sound Design (
It gives the real world feel of a radio show, which would be impossible for most animated shows due to the traditional workflow. (And it makes it exciting for the production team, since no one is sure what’s going to happen until we get a show recorded!)
So far, we’re getting enthusiastic responses from those who’ve seen the show, so we’re very psyched!”
-SAV, Showrunner, The Silas & Ami Show, DarkestGoth Original Series (