Reallusion Streamlines Social Media App.Creation with WidgetCast™

Reallusion Streamlines Social Media App.Creation with WidgetCastT

Flash® Web Developers, Interactive Ad Creators Now Have a Micro-App. Tool That Brings the Engagement of Rich-Media to the Browser and the Desktop in Just a Few Clicks 

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2009 — On the heels of a successful SIGGRAPH 2009 preview, Reallusion, Inc., an award-winning developer of video creation software for real-time 3D animation, today launched WidgetCast, a new micro-application tool that makes it easier than ever before for web developers and interactive ad creators to bring the excitement and consumer-engagement of 3D animation to their social media campaigns and branded desktop environments. 

“WidgetCast is an extremely practical addition to any Web 2.0 developer’s toolbox,” said John Martin II, VP, Marketing, Reallusion. “The micro-application development trend is evolving at such a rapid pace that developers 

need to build smart rich-media objects on the fly.” 

Adding to the useful suite of Reallusion’s creative media tools, WidgetCast is compatible with the output of iClone and CrazyTalk avatars and assets, while constructing royalty-free interactive agents for websites and desktop campaigns. 


 Key Features: 

 •    Full-featured Flash media authoring 

 •    Hovering web or desktop ad creation 

 •    Support for chroma key to popVideo conversion 

 •    Support for jpg, swf, mp3, flv 

 •    Twitter feed builder 

 •    PowerPoint conversion into Flash 

 •    YouTube video gallery creator 

 •    Picasa & Flickr photo gallery creator 

 •    Yahoo! Interactive Maps 

 •    RSS Feed creator 

 •    Unlimited feature extension with Flash component 

 Need to transform a YouTube video with a client’s brand icon into a web-based ad and the tech’s gone home for the day? Or how about creating a quick mashup or reusing assets from the latest sales presentation in a mock campaign? No problem. Whatever the challenge, WidgetCast can help get the job done.  

 What DreamWeaver did for building websites back in the day, WidgetCast does for the Twitter-ized, hyper-connected Web 2.0 world. With WidgetCast, busy web developers or interactive ad creators can quickly build an interactive object, then post it to the web or export it to the desktop as an Adobe AIR-powered floating avatar. 

 “Between tighter budgets, staff reduction and the never-ending challenge to deliver compelling rich-media, expectations are higher than ever,” added Reallusion’s Martin. “WidgetCast gives you that edge that makes the difference between getting that client, hitting that deadline, or not. It’s that simple.” 


Download versions of WidgetCast are available from the Reallusion Online Store at, with the SRP as follows: 

 •    WidgetCast PRO: USD199.95 

 •    WidgetCast Standard: USD69.95 

 •    popVideo: USD99.95

iClone4 Revealed: Drag & Drop Editing

Reallusion reveals the full features of iClone 4 at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans.  A series of videos covering iClone 4 were recorded during the demo give you a front-row seat to the action.

Siggraph gathers the CG community from all over the world each year to discuss, showcase and dream.  This year we were honored to host power users and friends that gathered from across the US and Canada.  Special thanks to Bill, James, Wolf, Lizard, Ducli, Rainman, GToon, Biggstrek and the folks from Renderosity & Digmeco for an awesome time in New Orleans. 

We recorded everything from the full day of events which included a comprehensive demo and unveiling of iClone 4 followed by an afternoon of discussion live on iClone Radio with Wolf and Dulci.  Checkout their podcast from AUG 5th for their reaction to iClone 4.


CrazyTalk 6.0 – Higher realism for facial animation

CrazyTalk 6 is here and the most user-requested feature has arrived: Multiple talking characters for virtual conversations and a stage to direct it all in real-time. Many more great features detailed below and on the Reallusion website.

CrazyTalk 6.0 What’s New:

Dynamic Dialogue with Multi-character Editing Tracks * Multi-head setup is easy with fitting tools to identify up to 4 heads in any image. * Individual editing tracks for each character. * Transform and key-frame position. * Enhanced camera system with zooming in/out enables you to flexibly arrange the scene.

Enhanced Facial Mesh * The larger, full-hair mesh provides accurate fitting to make animation natural and realistic. * 3D Face Orientation setting enables precise fitting for slight head turns. * Auto Face Fitting adds another level of accuracy to the auto-fit engine.

Advanced Eye Settings * Match your design style with VividEye Templates – anime, animal, cartoon, comic, human. * 4 layers of VividEye Settings greatly increase the virtual eye realism – Eyeball, Optics, Eye Lashes, Eye Shadow. * EyeMagic adds cosmetic effects with various adjustable colors and lash sizes, style controls.

Performance & Output * Open GL hardware acceleration. * Direct output to YouTube. * Export for web use (Interactive Flash Avatar/Widget). Web Avatar – the interactive web host CrazyTalk6 PRO enhances actor creation, actor performance, and editing controls to deliver an elite set of facial animation tools to develop, direct and render videos for production or sharing online.

Tune-in to iClone radio, tonight!

If you are using iClone or are interested in Machinima or animation, then you can’t miss a second of the Wolf and Dulci hour on iClone Radio.
Want to know more about iClone? Meet Dulci and Wolfzone, two iClone powerusers that have put together an informative and entertaining weekly iClone webcast. Listen live each week for topics on using iClone, hints & tips, filmmaker interviews and new film release discussion. There’s also a super creative way to get free content each week from the show’s producers. Join Dulci and Wolfzone for this week’s episode tonight.
Following is reposted from Dulci’s blog:
The show airs live Monday nights from 9pm-10pm CST.
Live listeners in the chatroom will receive an exclusive parking lot freebie. Listeners not in the chatroom are welcome to Skype me (Dulcilicious) during the show for their link once we announce the content is available. If you download Week 4 after it’s available, listen for the download code to email to Wolf for your copy of the freebie.
The hot topic of tomorrow night’s show is “I bought iclone – now what?”. We will delve into how to get content into iclone so you can start making movies!
This is in addition to our usual banter, and my favorite segment, Stump The Wolf!
As always, Stump the Wolf questions and audio commercials can be submitted to

Interactive War Machines

iClone WWII Machines of War Theme Pack
This theme pack contains: * The legendary armor tanks in WWII: German Panzer IV, Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II and M4 Sherman Tank from the allies *Mobilized Military Vehicles in WWII: German BMW 75 side car motorcycles, US Willys Jeep, cargo truck *Aircrafts in WWII: BF109 and FW190 from Luftwaffe, Spitfire from Royal Air Force and P51 Mustang from USAAF.
All machines in this pack are iProps. Through the built in Action Script and iAnimations, users can use the hot keys to move the vehicles forward, back or turn directly. They can also rotate the cannons on the tank or move the cannons up and down or even open fire. The interactive function of the fighter planes include the rotation of the propeller, Gear Up/Down, opening or closing of the cockpit and open fire. With the design like this, users can arrange and compose the animations anyway they want to fully enjoy play to create.
The production of every iProps concentrates on the sense of speed and gravity when operating these machines. The true realism is displayed together with smoke and dust particle effects. It is definitely the pack that you must have.
The bonus pack includes 4 specially designed terrains of battle field, including a grassland, snow land, dessert, and cliff.

WidgetMe – Stick Yourself Anywhere launches WidgetMe, a software and online service that enables anyone to create animation or a mix of images, video and music and share it on their web spaces. WidgetMe makes it easy to build widgets with a tool that is similar to Adobe Flash.

WidgetMe let’s you create an interactive Widget with publishing power to deliver and manage multiple Widgets across the best social networks and throughout the web. WidgetMe sticks your media anywhere in blogs, web sites and social networks like FaceBook, MySpace or use embed code to stick it on any web page. Add more viral prospect to any project with WidgetMe.
Learn More – and Get WidgetMe free:
iClone 3.1 includes new Widget output option
CrazyTalk also compatible

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