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Interactive War Machines

iClone WWII Machines of War Theme Pack
This theme pack contains: * The legendary armor tanks in WWII: German Panzer IV, Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II and M4 Sherman Tank from the allies *Mobilized Military Vehicles in WWII: German BMW 75 side car motorcycles, US Willys Jeep, cargo truck *Aircrafts in WWII: BF109 and FW190 from Luftwaffe, Spitfire from Royal Air Force and P51 Mustang from USAAF.
All machines in this pack are iProps. Through the built in Action Script and iAnimations, users can use the hot keys to move the vehicles forward, back or turn directly. They can also rotate the cannons on the tank or move the cannons up and down or even open fire. The interactive function of the fighter planes include the rotation of the propeller, Gear Up/Down, opening or closing of the cockpit and open fire. With the design like this, users can arrange and compose the animations anyway they want to fully enjoy play to create.
The production of every iProps concentrates on the sense of speed and gravity when operating these machines. The true realism is displayed together with smoke and dust particle effects. It is definitely the pack that you must have.
The bonus pack includes 4 specially designed terrains of battle field, including a grassland, snow land, dessert, and cliff.

WidgetMe – Stick Yourself Anywhere launches WidgetMe, a software and online service that enables anyone to create animation or a mix of images, video and music and share it on their web spaces. WidgetMe makes it easy to build widgets with a tool that is similar to Adobe Flash.

WidgetMe let’s you create an interactive Widget with publishing power to deliver and manage multiple Widgets across the best social networks and throughout the web. WidgetMe sticks your media anywhere in blogs, web sites and social networks like FaceBook, MySpace or use embed code to stick it on any web page. Add more viral prospect to any project with WidgetMe.
Learn More – and Get WidgetMe free:
iClone 3.1 includes new Widget output option
CrazyTalk also compatible

Killer Content: iClone Horror Pack released

iClone horror for halloween moviesClassic Horror Movies
The focus of this pack is Classic Horror. It includes a serial killer with different kinds of weapon such as Axe, Chopper, Shovel, Chain Saw, and masks. Using the newest interactive technology of iClone3, filming will be easier, and editing will be faster. The motion contains killing motions using different weapons as well as persona WASD. We also provide a series of victim motions and persona for users to apply to any iClone3 Characters to suit your filming needs.
View Full pack website
Pack includes : See some examples below
• Character x 1
• Motions x 84
• Accessories x 16
• Props x 51
• Stages x 4
• Personae x 4

http://image/Mask01.swf http://image/Mask01.swf

iClone BackStage beta launches new on-demand content service

Reallusion invites users of iClone to beta BackStage. BackStage is a massive on-demand 3D content vault with an all-access experience to try hundreds of models and motions inside your iClone projects before you buy. iClone BackStage Service allows users of iClone 3 Pro, Standard and even the EX freeware version to browse, download and insert a complete trial version of the content into their movie scenes.
Watch a demo video of iClone BackStage in action
iClone BackStage
“Having the opportunity to try content on-demand and actually place it into a movie to determine if it’s right for your project is an innovative service that will guarantee your 3D content libraries fill up with only the most useful actors, objects and motions,” said John C Martin II, Reallusion VP of Product Marketing. “Now iClone users can interact with hundreds of models for free and buy only those that fit their needs which not only is a fun way to explore 3D content, but also saves our users money.”
Enter the beta service now and get total US$ 100 worth of content.
Beta period: 2008/09/23 – 2008/10/7
Qualification: iClone 3 Standard/PRO users
Benefit: 1000 credits and a coupon of 5000 credits (expires on October 7, 2008.)
Extra bonus: a coupon of 4000 credits (expires on October 7, 2008) will be sent to you on 10/2 if you complete the Survey Form before 10/1.

iClone 3, The 3D Movie Machine 08-08-08

The official launch is set for 08-08-08 and you can get the full details and some demo video here:

Complete What’s New list on the Reallusion Forum

Thank you for your patience as we have been working to complete iClone 3. Now it’s time to see what we’ve been up to. Since we launched iClone we have gotten many feature requests and comments each day on how to improve iClone. We know you all wish to quickly move iClone to the next stage as much as we do. It’s tough, we’ve been working at this goal over 18 months of development and we appreciate your patience; however, you certainly won’t regret the wait.
iClone 3 heads
We start from this basic philosophy, to make a good movie the actor is important, the director is important, the cameras and lighting are important, editing and post production are important too. So to this, Reallusion has reinvented iClone with this ideology: CREATE – PLAY – EDIT – SHARE
iClone Cameras
iClone 3 combines the best of both worlds to achieve this new invention. We’ve combined the interactive productivity and playful experience of a videogame-based Machinima tool with the muscle of a professional multiple timeline 3D animation tool resulting in a blend that’s easy to use and packed with power.
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 heads
iClone 3 tools panel

Superfici 1.0 – An Experiment in Avatars as Art

Italian architectural and interior design with 3D animation

Bologna based iClone user, Comunicazionivisive uses iClone for unique art installtions that are moving the architectural canvas and home fashion forward using avatars as art. Comunicaz’s motion projection art created with iClone is a great example of a minimalist approach to iClone with impressive results. A good lesson in simplicity for all of us iClone filmmakers and artists.

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