The Best Tool for Easy 3D Character Creation

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What’s the best go-to tool for easy 3D character creation?

3D expert Rob Redman points out that character creation is often a whopping project as it involves modeling a character from scratch, fixing textures, skins, generating and adjusting map channels, not to mention the meticulous task of rigging full body characters which can all be daunting and exhausting.

But… Rob has found an alternative and option for creating the fastest 3D characters that require no modelling nor rigging. A tool that can be quickly learned by a beginner, while being powerful enough for any 3D expert. This option comes in the form of the iClone Character Creator tool. Which  by the way, is 100% free.


Highly Commended Award for 3D Software – Character Creator


iClone Character Creator just won the Highly Commended Award for software on 3D World Magazine’s 2016 February issue; receiving a score of  4 out of 5.

Reviewer Rob Redman is an industry veteran, who runs course covering VFX, animation and filmmaking.

Here are some of his review quotes-

Highly-Commended_100x100“The integration with iClone is a big selling point, as the integration is where the power lies. “

“Reallusion have spend real development time ensuring there are many choices to help personlise figure-from refined makeup and skin tone controls, to elements of wear and tear, and even rips to add to clothing.”

“The resulting figures are not at the pinnacle of quality; they’re not meant to be. They are rigged, and are easy to work with; perfect for pre-viz and visualisation work.”

Character Creation is a specialized tool that takes a massive amount of effort, and converts into a single, easy to use process which any character design professional will absolutely love.

To experience the power of iClone’s Character Creator, with free 3D character downloads for the Unity 3D platform. Visit: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/game


9.1 out of 10 – Why did iClone 6 win the Award of Superiority?

Pro-User Mark Bremmer’s take on iClone 6 – Award of Superiority from Microfilmmaker Magazine

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Reviewer Mark Bremmer operates his own commercial studio for over 18 years, working with clients like Caterpillar, Colgate, Amana, Hormel Foods, Universal Studios Florida, and The History Channel; producing stills, digital mattes and animations. He also typically uses C4D, Vue and Lightwave for his TV or movie footage projects, along with Poser for human content.

His critique of iClone is from a pro-grade software user perspective, shinning some light on his views of iClone and why it won the Award of Superiority from MicroFilmmaker Magazine.



Reallusion has won Computer Graphic World Magazine’s Silver Edge Award for Best in show at SIGGRAPH 2015

Greetings to you all,

Reallusion are one of the winner of CGW’s Silver Edge Award!

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iClone Character Creator and Live Motion Capture System has won the award for Best-in-Show at SIGGRAPH 2015. Alongside Autodesk, Nvidia, and other leading companies.

Here is the announcement-



Bring Your Data to Life with Animated Infographics

Spicy Presentations Banner

Whether in school or work, we’ve all sat through countless presentations – some quite engaging, but others – pretty painful.  Chances are, some of those were painful because of how the data was presented – in massive tables and hard-to-read graphs that lacked a compelling story.  Many presenters believe that “the numbers speak for themselves” and that the audience will automatically follow the speaker’s logic.

But this assumption is dangerous and does a huge disservice to data, massively hindering its potential.


Top 5 Effective Presentation Tools

In today’s world, giving presentation is pretty much a necessity whether you are a startup or an established business. But we all know no one wants to sit through many slides of boring texts – that is the quickest way to fall asleep. They want interesting visuals, captivating stories and, most of all, they want to know YOU. They want to remember your brand and choose it from among many. So it is up to you to make your presentation, marketing video and campaign as distinctive and personalized as possible.

Here are top 5 effective presentation tools that would enable you to do just that.


Beyond GoAnimate: Comparing CrazyTalk Animator 2

Editor: David Arandle


If you’re like me and have been using GoAnimate to create low cost explainer videos or other animated cartoons then you’ll certainly have discovered many of  GoAnimate’s limitations. You may even be looking for an alternative? CrazyTalk Animator 2 by Reallusion is a professional animation studio that, like GoAnimate, requires no drawing skills at all but can give you more flexibility to animate your ideas exactly as you visualise them. It may be the animation solution you’ve really be looking for.