5 Tips to Quickly make Photoshop Character Animations

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Bring your characters to life with ease with CrazyTalk Animator 3.1.

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Photoshop designers have all the tools to create amazing characters, but when you want to get those characters moving, the process of going from design to animation can be a little daunting. This is where Reallusion’s 2D animation software CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 (CTA) excels. With specialized Photoshop templates designed to make humans, creatures, talking heads and much more, you can quickly animate PSD characters, saving valuable set-up time. Here are five top tips for getting the most out of this powerful software.


Top 3D Filmmaking Reasons for using iClone & HitFilm


If you have ever created a 3D animated film, or any film for that matter then you know how labor intensive it can be. The planning, the scripting, the editing, the everything! There is so much to take into consideration that we often ask ourselves —

  • What is the fastest way to start?
  • Can a single person do it all?  
  • What tools do I even use?

… just the thought alone is enough to put anyone off from such a production.

The Good News is —  YES, there is a fast way. Yes, you can do it all on your own. And yes, there are tools for all of this.


Movie Monday: Voyages of the Sojourner

Gabe’s Anima Technica premieres this 3 part steampunk series with a wide range of Machinima actors.  You’ll hear many voices from around the community and even my best southern US/german scientist accent in part 2.  Gabe’s movies are always full of rich set design and custom clothing for the actors.  It takes time to work in that detail, but Gabe is a great example of why it’s all worth the time.

Recently Gabe shared some of comments about his filmmaking journey with iClone:

Gabe Abchanzar, Anima Technica

By day I am a marketing analyst for a microprocessor company and after work, i turn into Anima Technica, a machinima movie maker, digital artist and character designer. When i am not making machinima, i am often at various internet radio shows commenting on the use of iClone for machinima, as well as driving my daughter to her soccer games. An avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy and adventure stories, I had always wanted to try my hand at writing stories in these genres but never got around to it.
When i first ran into iClone it just opened my eyes to the possibility that here at last is a easy enough tool to not only tell my stories, but also allow me to visualize pictures i’ve had in my head.

With the rise of user created content and machinima – i coined a term to describe my activity as MyCinema – movies created by me, for me, that hopefully others can enjoy as well. My current project is called The Voyages of the Sojourner which is a sci-fi Steampunked themed story. I use iClone exclusively for generating most if not all of the shots in this as well as my older movies. iClone produces amazing visual quality for a machinima creation tool. It offers such a range of flexibility that movie genres is only limited by your imagination.


Movie Monday – “Echos” iClone film by Raven2Angel

Welcome to the first Movie Monday on the Reallusion blog.  Each week I’ll be spotlighting an iClone film, filmmaking project or test reel for discussion.  Some films will be from recent works and some may be classic iClone movies from you that we’d like to once again share and enjoy.  So pop some corn in the microwave and grab a soda for today’s movie.

“Echos”, an iClone film by Raven2Angel


Echoes from Raven Angel on Vimeo.


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