Industry Veteran, M.D. McCallum talks 20-Years in 3D and working with iClone.


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WarLord (M.D. McCallum)

I have recently retired after 20+ years as a digital 2D/3D freelancer working for a handful of studios, and then mainly indie work in the latter years.

I’ve done plenty of grunt work in the trenches from rigging animation panels for senior animators when I first started to create scenes, props, and characters.

I have used iClone since version 1 and I’ve worked with Reallusion in the past on white papers, content, demos, and training. It’s always been a pleasant experience as I have never had a company listen so well to what its users want. iClone has grown from an animation gimmick to a powerful animation tool that has listened to its customer base, with a proper roadmap that has got it to this point.

System Programmer develops Anatomically Correct Characters for iClone




I graduated as a system programmer but became fond of computer 3D graphics.

At first, I started to work as 3D modeler and designer in a small company which created short advertising clips for TV channels. During that time personal computers were not so powerful but since computer graphics was something new for public, our clips were rather popular.

Since 2010,  I have been creating iClone content that focuses on realistic-human characters as I have good knowledge of human anatomy and this helps me a lot in making my characters more real for the iClone community.


Shutterstock Contributor creates Vector Characters for use with CrazyTalk Animator



Suphakanya Promjaree (Sapann)

My name is Suphakanya Promjaree, and I am based in Thailand.

I am a vector artist under the author name – “Sapann Design”.  For over 3 years now, I’ve been working as a vector contributor to several microStock agencies like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock (Fotolia), 123RF, and Vectorstock.

I like creating 2D characters in a traditional flat design as it gives me more leeway for quick styles and adjustments. Lately, I’ve discovered CrazyTalk Animator, and I’ve been very impressed on how my clipart characters can easily animate in this software for explainer videos, business presentations, and more.

12 Year AAA Game Veteran turns to iClone Content Development



Peter Sekula (QTE)

My name is Peter Sekula and I’ve been an experienced Senior Environmental Artist for over 12 years. In that time, I’ve worked on industry titles such as the Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon series, Rainbow Six series, Far Cry 4, and Tom Clancy’s: The Division.

I’m also the founder of my own iClone, Unity, and Unreal Engine content development company – “Quantum Theory Entertainment.”

As an Art Director in the game industry, I feel it’s paramount to creatively illustrate game design and thematic intentions through art. If one can create a sense of wonder or curiosity in the viewer, they’ve captured them and can guide them on an immersive journey through visual storytelling. But that adventure can only begin with special skills; Composing scenes from the camera’s perspective, texturing them to get a high level of detail, then illuminating the scenes to portray the intended mood are all critical in standing out in a competitive market. In other words: I live for this sort of thing.

Character Morph Genius pushes iClone Characters to their Limits



Tobias Kolodziey

My name is Tobias Kolodziey and I’ve been working in the animation & CGI industry for several years now.

I started Studio ToKoMotion in 2011 to develop and produce my own ideas. Since then I also had the opportunity to work with clients on some small but interesting projects, especially in the field of edutainment. I really love to work with iClone as it perfectly fits into my production pipeline and it is a great companion to Unity.

I am a Certified Reallusion Content Developer that creates Character Creator content packs with morph characters for human, animal, and stylized avatars.

3D Model Maker becomes iClone PBR Content Developer



Andrius Beconis

My name is Andrius Beconis and I am a 3D artist based in Lithuania.

I’ve also been working in the TV industry for over 3 years now. Currently, I’m working on a show that showcases traditional artists such as painters, sculptors and so on, so I’m always close to creative personalities. This gives me constant inspiration and motivation to learn and move forward as a 3D artist.

I am also an iClone PBR Content Developer, as I have created a Medieval Weapons pack that is available in the Reallusion Content Store. Additionally, I am currently working to create new upcoming packs for the iClone Community.

Artist uses Video Gaming Experience to Develop Real-Time Character Creator Content



ChenKen (鄭全港)

My name is ChenKen and I founded Kohlrabi 3D Studio in 2016 in Taiwan, to provide fast and convenient 3D outsourcing solutions. 

I like to create characters and build realistic and fantasy worlds. 3D allows me to realize all this, and the iClone animation suite makes all my characters more vivid and interesting.

I am a Certified Reallusion Content Developer. And I was one of the first developers to create one of the first Character Creator PBR Content Packs for the Reallusion Content Store.

Cinematic Production Studio goes PRO with iClone Real-time Software

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Adolf Navarro

I was born in Barcelona in 1959 and after studying Telecommunications Engineering I was quickly absorbed by the world of computers and become a software developer.

The powerful programs for graphic animation captured my attention and since I never had a special talent to draw, they became the perfect tools to convert my imagination into a comic story. Together with my wife Izara, I am responsible for the script and the drawings of “The Zurvan Club”, Tough Days, The Funny Bots, and other projects..


Izara Maise

I was born in Barcelona in 1978 and although I have a chemistry degree from the University of Girona, I was also attracted to the world of computers and the web development.

I’m the responsible for the location, creation and modification of the props and 3D models used to make the vignettes of comic strip “The Zurvan Club”, along with the elaboration and preparation of the models, textures, and content of many of our 3D projects.