Reallusion & Microsoft Intoxicating VR

john1Microsoft, in cooperation with @Mobacap have gathered the best in southern VR during events held in Atlanta and Miami in May and June.  Over 300 attendees experienced VR games and visualizations from start-up and AAA game and video production teams.  The Microsoft Innovation Centers in Atlanta and Miami provide start-up and incubator spaces to help in launching businesses and projects where the environment is highly collaborative and that is what’s on display so well during intoxicating VR.  john2.jpgThe teams and VR experiences are part of a community of creators innovating in VR and that have teamed up with Microsoft to showcase and share VR innovation on a local level with outreach to connect the area’s key business, artist and technical  people during a night VR, drinks and lots of WOWS!

Highlights – Reallusion @ SIGGRAPH ASIA

Panel discussion – How to Develop Previs in Asia?

Reallusion participated at the grand annual CG event at Asia- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015, held in Kobe, Japan on November 2nd-5th. Cristopher Chen, Vice President of Reallusion, as one of the founding director of the PREVISUALIZATION SOCIETY ASIA, lead a panel discussion in SIGGRAPH with the topic – “How to Develop PreVis in Asia?” with 4 other speakers on November 4th.


Previs is one of the most important techniques to support the film making process

iClone MONSTER CREATOR – Facebook Mini Event

iClone Character Creator is the new and exciting tool that iCloners everywhere are using to create unlimited combinations of body shapes, morphs, sizes and unique facial features. In the short time that it has been out, its no wonder why so many users are praising its huge potential for 3D animation, and video game development. Even media outlets have already started sharing their positive views on the tool.

“Using Character Creator you have 100% authority over body type, ethnicity and cosmetics.” ~ Microfilmmaker Magazine review

Based on this new excitement, the Reallusion social media team has been periodically running Facebook Mini Events to encourage users to use the tool to win software prizes. The September Mini Event ran with the Celebrity Creator contest, where users applied their best skills to create a celebrity look-alike character.

For October, we had a Halloween Monster Creator event that saw lots of great monster entries!  Let’s take a look at some of those amazing contest submissions.


iClone CELEBRITY CREATOR – Facebook Mini Event


Since last month’s surprise launch of the iClone Character Creator, iClone users have been amazed by this realistic, easy-to-use, creation tool. Prompting hundreds of amazing characters in just under one month by the creative hands of iCloners!

Based on this enthusiastic reception, the Reallusion social media team decide to promote a small online event on Facebook to encourage users to best create a celebrity look-alike character to share with the rest of the community.

Reallusion iClone at SIGGRAPH EXPO 2015


The 42nd annual SIGGRAPH conference and expo was held in Los Angeles, California August 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center where we were on-site at the expo to demo the latest from iClone.

Reallusion demos at Siggraph were led by the iClone Live Motion Capture system featuring the Noitom Perception Neuron mocap suit.  iClone 6 was also featured on a demo stage in the Noitom booth.

Reallusion 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Highlights

Comic Con Crowd 2

Reallusion joined over 120,000 Comic-Con attendees at the San Diego Convention Center from July 9-12th 2015. Attendees experienced demos of CrazyTalk 7, and CrazyTalk Animator 2 PRO for a look at the complete line-up of Reallusion’s 2D animation tools. Animators, illustrators, hobbyists and families saw how simple it is to create a talking character from a single image. Live demos included creating talking stuffed animals, movie characters and even animating Chewbacca.

Reallusion Exhibits at SIGGRAPH 2015, Los Angeles

Reallusion will be at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, from August 11-13th.

So come by our booth #236 and say hello! We will share with you the latest enhancements to the iClone product family, with real-time Character Creation, animation, live motion capture, HumanIk motion editing and a complete pipeline to get everything from iClone into your game, movie or previs project.

England’s National Film & Television School hosts iClone Animation Game Lab

NFTS-games students and faculty watch @BlaiseImiolczyk mocap in iClone with Perception Neuron

Logo-Twit-blackThe National Film and Television school, located just twenty-minutes outside of London in Beaconsfield has a long history of creating great cinema,TV and recently the next great game-makers.  

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