Morph, Sculpt & Create 3D Characters with Reallusion Character Creator & ZBrush

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Learn to morph, sculpt and create 3D characters using the Reallusion Character Creator with ZBrush…

In this tutorial, we will prepare a base mesh in Reallusion’s Character Creator (CC) using morph sliders to control the output. Then it’s through the iClone pipeline (Character Creator – iClone 6 – 3DXchange 6) to zBrush for sculpting and enhancement of the base mesh we prepped in CC.

3D compositing a futuristic sci-fi city

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Example using PopVideo Converter 3 masked videos, to create a compositing Sci-Fi project on iClone6

I wanted to show the possibilities of iClone 6 when creating a sci-fi set mixing 3D props and billboards with video textures. The new Reallusion popVideo 3 software allows one to mask HD video footage filmed using green screen backgrounds, creating a keyed high definition video format than can be used as the texture in iClone 3D props. It allows one to mix real footage in virtual sets without further compositing operations.

In addition, iClone also allows rendering video sequences with the transparent background that can be used later in a new project such as billboard textures, in order to create crowds, vegetation walls or any other compositing layer.

All these video textured billboards, can be placed in the 3D set as any other prop. It’s very convenient, as they get fully affected by the lights of the project, (colour, intensity, etc.), receiving the shadows of the other props in the scene and projecting their own shadows as well.

Also, if the scene has a camera travelling, the parallax effect is automatically created in the final render, as the billboards are actually placed in the set.

Speed-up Game Character Animation with iClone 6

John C Martin  shares his 8 tips on improving your game character animation flow

Creating game character animation ranges from the big finishing move all the way to Sonic tapping his toe. It takes a variety of character motions to fill the needs for games, but creating them is normally left to others due to lack of expertise or tools.

The iClone Animation Pipeline is an assortment of character creation and animation tools that are designed for any level of game developer. Build characters in iClone to quickly populate a game prototype or fine-tune a final character animation for the hero using the iClone MixMoves, motion puppet, HumanIK editing, facial animation and mocap tools. Lip-sync and Facial puppeteering tools are also included for a total character animation solution, with the lip-sync engine saving time by automatically syncing with imported or recorded audio. iClone has tools like motion puppet that makes basic human motions you are likely to need first-and most frequently-in a game(WASD).

The iClone Animation Pipeline allows you to build and fine-tune game characters
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