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iClone6 pre-launch Special

What to expect from iClone6

Visual Enhancement

iClone6 supports software rendering with Indigo RT via plug-in architecture, providing an incredibly enhanced fine-quality visual render. Real-time surface smoothing enhances the look of everything without sacrificing system performance.

Usability Perfection

A leap forward in usability with a brand new flexible user interface allows you to detach, move and dock panels to customize your own layout and working style. An optimized Content Manager helps you get easy access to a rich library of content, and build virtual folders to better organize your content.

Content Evolution

Brand new stylish one-piece G6 characters with enhanced topology for natural facial animation and body morphs. Upgraded SpeedTree content gives a more detailed look, seamless LOD, and animated wind control.




horror movie previz with iClone: lights, camera and VFX

" The realtime render software iClone from Reallusion is nowadays an essential part in the world of 3D programs.The advantages of iClone are obvious. The software is easy to learn and thanks to the real-time 3D engine, it is possible to produce movie clips in a short amount of time.  iClone also provides a ton of animation-ready talking characters for direct performances. Any actor performance can be easily created with iClone's intuitive animation tools."

See more about the six-step-tutorial on 3D World

About René Jacob

René works as a freelance film editor for German TV and movie productions and produces machinima-movies with iClone to do all the stories he couldn’t do in real life.




The revolutionary new iClone QT User Interface is now able to adapt to your working behavior and visual preference. You now have the freedom to customize your iClone UI like never before!

The new UI can be customized to help keep things organized in levels according to your own personal preferences in order to quickly find the categories and specific content you’re looking for.


The one thing about previous versions of iClone was that in order to assemble certain characters or themed scenes, you would have to go into tons of different folders to pick and choose specific content that was all from the same pack.

The pack view will take a huge weight off your shoulders and allow you to streamline scene creation workflows with props, characters, and accessories that are included in the same content packs, regardless of content type.

Speaking of bases and related materials, you can now right-click on any item in the Content Manager, and immediately find all of it’s related content that is in your library, making the customization process even faster.

The new Content Manager will also provide you easy and quick access to the newest and hottest content in the Marketplace and Content Store, so you can keep updated on the best new content, and access it more conveniently than ever!   


The previous workflow for applying materials to props involved right-click and drag into the scene view. Now, you can apply different texture maps directly to the thumbnails, allowing you to skip a couple of steps.

We’ve also included a couple of handy timeline enhancements as well. By holding ALT and left-clicking on the timeline, you can now navigate both up and across your timeline instead of trying to click on small slider bars. Also, if you can’t see the part of your timeline you’d like, you can hold CTRL and scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

And now for the big reveal… the new GUI design! Here are a few examples of some ideas we’ve been playing around with. Which one do you like? Leave your comments in the comment section below!