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The Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge is back for its 9th year!

The time has come for you to leave your dusty home planets behind and become a true Jedi filmmaker. Enter your Star Wars inspired fan movie, impress George Lucas himself, and have your work shown on Spike TV. Expand your universe and win fame and galactic peace for all!





iClone 4.2 releases with 'Authentic 3D' Stereo content creation

Reallusion throws down the free upgrade to iClone 4.2 featuring 'Authentic 3D' Stereoscopic HD content creation.  The upgrade joins iClone's real-time 3D animation engine with designed-to-be-3D content creation tools to render scenes as 3D Stereoscopic movies.



iClone 4.2 - Authentic 3D Stereoscopic Animation

Reallusion reveals 'Authentic 3D', a new dimension in Stereo 3D content creation.
iClone PRO and CrazyTalk PRO to offer complete 3DTV animation studio for desktop PCs.

Reallusion's  iClone4.2 PRO and CrazyTalk6.2 PRO feature dedicated Stereo 3D video output supporting the full range of cinematic 3D formats including:

  • Anaglyph (red/cyan glasses) 
  • Polarized
  • Active Shutter 120hz.  

Reallusion's technology inside iClone and CrazyTalk provides a real-time desktop studio designed for creating Authentic 3D Stereoscopic movies, web media and graphic arts.

3D Anaglyph gallery of iClone4.2 renderings made while testing 4.2 before we send it your way!

iClone 4.2 PRO and the 3D Stereo capability is a free upgrade for iClone 4 PRO users.


Action Movie Motions pack for iClone

Reallusion announces the Action Movie Motions combo pack featuring 63 motions designed for super hero and sci-fi combat scenes.   See full details here:


Cleatis of Foggy Bottom USA by SmallWStudio


Pinhead Gets a Job - Wolfzone


JAMFilms video compositing with iClone4


"Game Over" by Biggstrek - iClone SCI-FI Official Entry


iClone Sci-Fi Movie Competition

Reallusion invites iClone & machinima creators to join the rebellion, empire, starfleet or go it alone as the last starfighter in the 2010 iClone Movie Competition. 

The event begins 4/14 and the submission deadline is 7/04.  Participants are asked to create a 2 - 10 minute short-film with iClone.  Additional footage from other game engines or machinima software is welcomed in the competition as a mashup with your iClone footage. 

The prizes for this year's competition range from:  Epson Home Cinema projector, Sony alpha DSLR and lenses, PS3 250GB system, PhotoBasics Greenscreen kit + popVideo, Magix Video PRO editing software, Digital Juice Motion Design Elements, Partners in Rhyme SoundFX.

For more information:


Intel & Reallusion partner @ GDC 2010

As an Intel Software partner, Reallusion participates in on-going events with Intel where we are able to feature the iClone optimizations that lie behind the scenes. 

This year, Reallusion was part of the Intel in-booth partner demo, along with a feature in the 2010 partner video program. Intel also gave us a fun assignment to incorporate iClone and give others a chance to see what's happening at GDC with a video recap created with iClone4 and shot with a Flip Cam provided by Intel. Reallusion's John Martin brings you a video snapshot of some of the cool-tech at this year's Game Developer Conference. 

Intel Take-Five Video Series: Reallusion


GDC Expo Spotlight: Pt.1 - Created with iClone4

GDC Expo Spotlight: Pt. 2 - Created with iClone4

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