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CrazyTalk Animator - The Next Level of 2D Animation

Reallusion is proud to announce the release of CrazyTalk Animator the 10 Anniversary Edition of the acclaimed 2D animation technology famous for turning any image into animated actors.  There's many new features to explore in CrazyTalk Animator adding a full production solution to CrazyTalk's facial animation tools.

CrazyTalk Animator allows you to combine your actors on the stage with props, special effects, text and scenery to set up your scenes and record all the action with the live camera. Ultimate precision editing and animation is provided by CrazyTalk Animator's time-line with deep access to every character and prop in the scene.

CrazyTalk Animator FEATURES:
1. Fast Drag-&-Drop Scene Build-up & Animation
2. Easily Create Full-body Actors from Photos
3. Flexible Character Composer for Cartoon Design
4. Precise 2D Sprite Editor for Ultimate Actor Performance
5. Real-time Actor Animation Puppeteering & Auto Lip-Sync
6 Complete 2D Animation with Actors, Props, SFX & Real 3D Camera



iClone film wins contest!

What do you get when you combine Warcraft, iClone and a pinch of Borderlands style in a digital theatrical visualization of Warcraft?  If you are iClone user, Recsiem then you get 500€ ($683) for this awesome film. hosted the Bloodline Champions Teaser contest.  Congratulatons, Recsiem!  

1st Place (500€) Winner

E.S. Posthumus - Ebla
Audiomachine - Akkadian Empire


5 iClone Movies You Should See!

I go exploring YouTube and various other video sharing sites regularly to see what's happening with iClone movies and there's always a notable piece to discover.  Treasure hunting at it's best!  There is a constant stream of creativity shared from our community of citizen directors and during my recent movie exploration I discovered 5 fantastic examples of iClone execution and filmmaker imagination.

BLUES DOCUMENTARY - SmallWStudio - "The Duleks" - Episode 6 - SatScapeFilms - Chiaroscuro (2010) - John Holland - Picks Folley's - Develden - Belle (Garou_Fiori_Lavoie) - KaterinaArt


IClone and Google SketchUp Contest

Reallusion, and Google SketchUp team-up for the SketchUp to iClone Architectural rendering contest. Enter a video or image for a chance to win an iPad, SONY digital camera provided by Reallusion, Google SketchUp Pro and the coveted Google SketchUp Socks provided by Google SketchUp, Lounge-tel laptop desk, USB wallet card and SketchUcation baseball caps provided by SketchUcation. More info:


iClone User Showcase demo reel - Fall 2010

Since 2006 we have been working toward building a new approach to animation creativity and production with iClone.  We've each shared our visions for the roadmap and spoken to users whose feedback was a valuable feature request.  iClone is a fantastic production environment because our talented dev team keeps coding without stop and the tool evolves in the true nature of it's core, real-time.  I often refer to iClone like a hammer.  Anyone can swing a hammer, but it's the carpenters that build the house."  Here's a few great swings from iClone users for our Fall 2010 user showcase.


iClone Content Demo Reel - 2010

The iClone content library is a giant resource for filmmakers to find the perfect prop, actor or accessory for their iClone movies.  The iClone content demo reel spotlights select packs and models available in the Reallusion 3D content store.


iClone & Google 3D Basecamp 2010

Reallusion iClone and Google SketchUp join forces for the 2010 Google 3D Basecamp in Boulder, Colorado.  Google hosts 3D Basecamp every two years to bring the SketchUp community together for a couple of days of unconferencing where attendees determine the agenda and showcase the best of the best from the SketchUp elite creators. 

Google SketchUp users enhance their 3D models with iClone real-time rendering creativity using instant trees and grass, quick actor creation and advanced lighting, HDR visual effects, easy camera work and overall scene animation.  SketchUp users turn to iClone as a post-modeling animation and visualization tool for the same reason they choose SketchUp as a modeling tool.  SketchUp greatly simplifies the modeling process and iClone does the same for animation and visualization polish.

 Google invited 150+ SketchUp users from around the world to bring their skills and experiences to Google's Boulder HQ and convene for the launch of Google SketchUp 8, fireside talks with SketchUp visionaries and presentations from, "Friends of SketchUp," which is where Reallusion was asked to join in the fun.  iClone has been an extension of Google's SketchUp since Reallusion introduce the Google SketchUp SKP and Google 3D Warehouse compatibility through 3DXchange.  

Reallusion's John Martin, II and James Martin attended and presented the iClone and SketchUp pipeline including SketchUp visualization in Stereoscopic 3D through Reallusion's Authentic 3D powered by iClone.

The SketchUp community congregates at where you can find amazing artists, architects, set designers and more folks showcasing their work, helping each other and welcoming newbies to the world of Google SketchUp. 

How's this for a SketchUcrew (below members from SketchUcation & Reallusion) From left: John, Csaba(Gaieus), James, Liam, Rinehart(Pout), Pete(Solo), Mike (Mike Lucey) & Rich (rclub24)

Recently, famed Machinima creator, Dr. Nemisis of the Binary Picture Show shared his creation process with SketchUp and iClone.  Dr. Nemisis shows how you can quickly and easily create interior sets for iClone using SketchUp.

Google SketchUp is available for free from


Reallusion sponsors 48hr Machinima Film Project 

The 48 Hour Film Project, the oldest and biggest timed filmmaking competition, is looking for machinima!

In a wild, sleepless weekend, you and a team will make a movie ---- write, shoot, edit and score it. From scratch. In 48 hours. On Friday, September 17, you'll get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, all to include in your movie. By Sunday, September 19, the movie must be complete and uploaded to our server in California.  Each completed film is guaranteed a screening in Twinity, Inworldz and Second Life.
Winner ánd runner up will be screened at MachinimaExpo 2010.  Winners to receive prize packages featuring Reallusion's iClone 4 PRO and 3DXchange 4



Steven Slater's Day Off - iClone throttles production

You've seen the animated 3D news stories of Tiger Woods and other celebrity news gone 3D via AppleDaily.  iClone has the chops to give you the same real-time response as a daily production tool.  When the JetBlue story broke about a flight attendant's fit and flee via emergency slide from Flight 1052 on August 10th, we couldn't resist to give iClone a good test.  So within a week of part-time animation from concept to complete,  James and I (The Martin Brothers) release, "Steven Slater's Day Off."


The largest scene in terms of poly and face count was the airplane interior where we built-up the set with 18 characters, 66 props, 8 lights and 8 cameras.  The project size is 366,941 faces and 153MB.  


Dealing with a project that size requires a plan to make sure you can easily navigate the scene in real-time and see a decent frame rate during real-time preview.  To accomplish this we used the, 'Render State,' options for each item in the scene.  What does that do?  It lets you isolate the objects you need to see in full quick or pixel shader view and let everything else either be hidden or displayed in wireframe.  Why do you do that?  iClone provides this feature so you can turn down the detail in the real-time renderer on objects that you are not animating or not currently focused on at that moment.  Most importantly you can choose to leave some objects, like what you are currently animating in full shader preview.  iClone let's you balance the load so you can see the effect of the object your are working on without letting other objects in the scene bog down your system.  You can set this by either right-clicking on the object and then go to, 'Display,' or by clicking the, 'Render State' cell in the Scene Manager.

Of course this type of production requires some shortcuts and we took most of them via the Google 3D Warehouse.  Some things we knew we needed, but didn't have time to model.  So we fired up 3DXchange and headed over to the Google 3D Warehouse to grab the set materials.  Not only did we find great stuff, but we had lots of options and immediately began working on refining the models with textures and material specular, reflection and glow attributes.

JetBlue Airplane - 

Airport - 

News Van - 

Parking Lot - 

Airplane cabin - 

Transportation's pack from RL - GREAT sets in this one

We also needed sound and lots of it.  Field recording was not really an option and thankfully James and I are hams on the mic so voice overs are usually easily obtained either by us or friends.  However sound effects were a big issue to get the soundscape we wanted to hear in the final product. We used these resources to strike audio gold:, &

All in all, James and I didn't kill each other while making this over the past week and it helped that we live over 1k miles apart.  In the end, is it perfect? No, but it's what you can expect to get out of iClone if you dive in with a goal and use the right shortcuts.


Free Web Elements PSD for WidgetCast

Download a free Photoshop .PSD file from for use in commercial or non-commerical WidgetCast projects.   These files are really nice for quickly styling a project without the need to grab a designer or be a Photoshop guru.  Hat tip to for the Free Web UI post on Facebook.

  • 17 single PSD files (each element as separated PSD)
  • 1 PSD file (all in one elements)
  • well organized and labeled layers sets (simply drag and drop layer into your project)
  • Easy to be modified and use
  • Fully editable text fields
  • Fully editable colors of elements (colors are editable trough “layer styles”, simply edit gradients and color overlays ect.)
  • Standard Web font, Arial
  • HOW TO basics help file included
  • Elements image previews included (PNGs)

WidgetCast gives you an easy yet powerful way to drag-and-drop design your own interactive Flash web widgets and Adobe AIR desktop apps.