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Google SketchUp Contest Winners Announced


Contact 2011 - iClone Screenplay Contest

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then your keyboard should be well up to the battle for humanity's survival.  Dramatic?  Exactly!  Wolf and Dulci kick off 2011 with a supernova screenplay competition.  You write the screenplay and the winner gets their movie made into a epic iClone adventure.  Read on for details... 


How to create PRO video intros with iClone: Tutorial by SmallWStudios

SmallWStudio's provides a great tutorial on how to create cool cut-out video effects in iClone.


SchoolTube partners with Reallusion

Reallusion is proud to announce the launch of our training videos and spotlight movies on the student-safe,  Now the comprehensive video guide for students and teachers to learn and experience real-time animation is live with a special channel: is the nation's largest K-12 moderated video sharing website that provides students and educators with a safe and FREE video sharing website that is exclusively endorsed by leading education associations.


CrazyTalk Animator - The Next Level of 2D Animation

Reallusion is proud to announce the release of CrazyTalk Animator the 10 Anniversary Edition of the acclaimed 2D animation technology famous for turning any image into animated actors.  There's many new features to explore in CrazyTalk Animator adding a full production solution to CrazyTalk's facial animation tools.

CrazyTalk Animator allows you to combine your actors on the stage with props, special effects, text and scenery to set up your scenes and record all the action with the live camera. Ultimate precision editing and animation is provided by CrazyTalk Animator's time-line with deep access to every character and prop in the scene.

CrazyTalk Animator FEATURES:
1. Fast Drag-&-Drop Scene Build-up & Animation
2. Easily Create Full-body Actors from Photos
3. Flexible Character Composer for Cartoon Design
4. Precise 2D Sprite Editor for Ultimate Actor Performance
5. Real-time Actor Animation Puppeteering & Auto Lip-Sync
6 Complete 2D Animation with Actors, Props, SFX & Real 3D Camera



iClone film wins contest!

What do you get when you combine Warcraft, iClone and a pinch of Borderlands style in a digital theatrical visualization of Warcraft?  If you are iClone user, Recsiem then you get 500€ ($683) for this awesome film. hosted the Bloodline Champions Teaser contest.  Congratulatons, Recsiem!  

1st Place (500€) Winner

E.S. Posthumus - Ebla
Audiomachine - Akkadian Empire


5 iClone Movies You Should See!

I go exploring YouTube and various other video sharing sites regularly to see what's happening with iClone movies and there's always a notable piece to discover.  Treasure hunting at it's best!  There is a constant stream of creativity shared from our community of citizen directors and during my recent movie exploration I discovered 5 fantastic examples of iClone execution and filmmaker imagination.

BLUES DOCUMENTARY - SmallWStudio - "The Duleks" - Episode 6 - SatScapeFilms - Chiaroscuro (2010) - John Holland - Picks Folley's - Develden - Belle (Garou_Fiori_Lavoie) - KaterinaArt


IClone and Google SketchUp Contest

Reallusion, and Google SketchUp team-up for the SketchUp to iClone Architectural rendering contest. Enter a video or image for a chance to win an iPad, SONY digital camera provided by Reallusion, Google SketchUp Pro and the coveted Google SketchUp Socks provided by Google SketchUp, Lounge-tel laptop desk, USB wallet card and SketchUcation baseball caps provided by SketchUcation. More info:


iClone User Showcase demo reel - Fall 2010

Since 2006 we have been working toward building a new approach to animation creativity and production with iClone.  We've each shared our visions for the roadmap and spoken to users whose feedback was a valuable feature request.  iClone is a fantastic production environment because our talented dev team keeps coding without stop and the tool evolves in the true nature of it's core, real-time.  I often refer to iClone like a hammer.  Anyone can swing a hammer, but it's the carpenters that build the house."  Here's a few great swings from iClone users for our Fall 2010 user showcase.


iClone Content Demo Reel - 2010

The iClone content library is a giant resource for filmmakers to find the perfect prop, actor or accessory for their iClone movies.  The iClone content demo reel spotlights select packs and models available in the Reallusion 3D content store.