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3D World Magazine: iClone Pre-viz & Free Offer

3DWorld issue #165 - iClone4 Free Full-Version + Alan Marques reveals how to make a 3D movie in just a few hours


3D World Magazine: iClone 5.3 Review

3DWorld issue #164 - Review by Alan Marques

"If you’re into 3D filmmaking and technical or narrative pre-viz, there’s no real competition. iClone5 Pro is the way to go" - Alan Marques, 3DWorld #164
Alan Marques is a UK-based freelance VFX supervisor and generalist

The Electric Playground jives iClone and Microsoft Kinect Motion Capture

Miri joins John and the Reallusion gang at SIGGRAPH for a look into iClone and the mocap wonders of Kinect for Windows.

EP Daily is North America's only daily videogame and entertainment series on television and the web. Since EP's inception in 1995, we’ve been covering videogames on location from around the world, featuring developer behind-the-scenes interviews. 

EP covers all the stuff you're interested in, from the latest industry news and technology, to movies and television, to comic books and collectibles.


"Touch Animation is Here!" Intel Inside Scoop on CrazyTalk and Ultrabook

The Intel® Inspired Ultrabook™ brings Touch-Enabled Emotions to Life

Touch Animation is here.  Even kids can use it.
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Optimizing CrazyTalk Animator for the Ultrabook™ Device.

John Martin, vice president of product marketing for Reallusion, was nothing but smiles when describing the Ultrabook™. “The Ultrabook is fantastic. There’s so much power in such a small form factor,” he said.  Animation software developer, Reallusion, is in the smiles, frowns and any other emotion business with its CrazyTalk Animator, which allows users to create actors using any photo or illustration and animate these actors in 2-D.

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"Elaborate and Ingenious" Animation Magazine Reviews iClone Animation Pipeline

"Reallusion may have opened the creative floodgates"

"...a whole motion capture studio at your fingertips."

Animation Magazine's Todd Sheridan Perry spent time with us during SIGGRAPH and writes about his hands-on experience with iClone and the Kinect for Windows motion capture. 

 "...a sophisticated motion capture device to create animation for your own projects, previz for your low-budget film or even develop your prototype iPad game through Unity."

Todd Sheridan Perry is an award-winning vfx supervisor and artist whose numerous industry credits include Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Sherlock Holmes,  The Kite Runner and Final Destination 5.

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Unity and iClone Video Training: 3D Characters, Animation, Props & Motion Capture for Games

 Reallusion announces a new Unity and iClone video training tutorial series.  Create characters, animation, motion capture with Kinect for Windows and customize motions for use in Unity.  Build actors, props, stages and more with FBX and OBJ.  Export models and motions from iClone to Unity via the iClone Animation Pipeline.

Unity & iClone - Create Amazing Content for Games

The Unity game-engine is a dynamic entry for indie game developers with the ability to easily get to developing their game without the need to be a mega-brain, although it would be helpful.  I like Unity because it is developed with a similar mission to iClone and that is to take the process of creativity and not let the technology stifle the momentum.  Unity's visual scripting and upcoming Mecanim in Unity 4 are great examples of how the Unity tools are delivering complex interactivity without the programming and further opening game design with deep control to storytellers of all levels.  iClone is the same for animation, character creation and scene assets.  The tools for anyone to learn game design are available from Unity as a free download and many quickstart tutorials.  

Building scenes and props for Unity games:

This tutorial will basically show you how you can easily preview a scene in iClone and recreate the same type of scene in Unity, complete with animated props.

Creating character motion for Unity games:

In this tutorial, you'll learn how iClone can help you to create your own custom animated content in minutes using a variety of iClone's simple yet comprehensive motion tools and combining them with motions from the expansive content library.

Exporting iClone Characters and Props for Unity

iClone has a huge collection of both character avatars and prop models that can used for your next game project using Unity 3D. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to import 3 different types of iClone content into the Unity game engine. 

Exporting Motions for characters in Unity

This is an essential tutorial for users who wish to take any motions from iClone and use them with Unity characters.


Apple App Store: CrazyTalk7 "New and Noteworthy"

Breaking News from the mothership!  Apple has just honored CrazyTalk7 as a "New and Noteworthy" app and is now featuring our favorite facial animation tool on the App Store homepage.  Go CrazyTalk, Go!

App Store -

CrazyTalk7 website -


iClone "Best Movie-making Kits" - Stuff Magazine

Stuff Magazine does a top 5 for Best Movie-making kits and gives iClone some good company with Autodesk 3DSMax, Smoke, J.J. Abrams and JVC.


CrazyTalk7 debuts on Mac App Store

It's been a long time coming and we are proud to announce the availability of CrazyTalk7 for Mac. CrazyTalk7 innovates video creativity with all new audio-driven animation tools that let your voice control the character's actions using volume, speed and intensity to bring your actors to life.  CrazyTalk7 has everything you need to animate any digital photo or illustrations as talking animated movies perfect for iMovie projects, Final Cut and sharing on YouTube.  

See how simple it is to animate with CrazyTalk7 and get more info here

“I LOVE the new CrazyTalk for Mac! It has finally arrived on the right platform for creatives to explore the boundaries of their imagination." 
- Eric Rosner, Illustrator,

"Thank goodness CrazyTalk for Mac has been released.  Now I don't have to restart my mac into bootcamp. CrazyTalk has been the best tool for Facial animation on Jimmy Kimmel Live for years for the simple reason: the script can always change at the last minute.  CrazyTalk keeps up!"

- Jesse Griffith, Animator - Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC Television Group


Reallusion showcases iClone Animation Pipeline & Kinect Motion Capture at SIGGRAPH 2012

 SIGGRAPH, the world's premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques attracted 21,212 people from 83 countries around the globe to Los Angeles. In SIGGRAPH 2012, Reallusion made the public debut of the iClone Animation Pipeline and demoed real-time motion-capture using Kinect for 3D character animation and the motion import/export potential of 3DXchange5. Reallusion’s trio of character animation and mocap is in instant demand from indie game developers and CG.  iClone streamlines character creation and animation with motion capture and all at an affordable investment for start-up studios, students or professionals.

Visitors experience the flexibility and real-time performance of the iClone Animation Pipeline

At Reallusion booth, independent game developers, filmmakers, CG Pros and students had the first hand experience of mocap and pipeline demo.  The iClone Animation Pipeline debut at SIGGRAPH fully syncs Reallusion with the industry standard 3D tools to provide a time-saving solution for animation. We successfully attracted visitors to come to our booth and got lots of prominent feedback from them, event around half of visitors attended SIGGRAPH for the first time. They like the Kinect mocap since it can be easily used in the class. They love the content ideas because they can easily focus on the storytelling or other lighting or camera teaching topics. And some of the filmmakers think that quick character and motion generation really helps and video compositing can easily visualize the results for them.

Industry media buzzed around iClone & Kinect Motion Capture with 17 press interviews and product reviews.



 "It’s not enough to call iClone just a motion capture software.  This product touches so many facets of 3D animation that it’s easy to see how it can be utilized as a way to cut costs and speed up development on a production.  iClone calls itself the Animation Pipeline – and it really is." ~ Microfilmmaker Magazine

"The options for working with characters and animation are pretty deep.  There’s even an online store in which more assets can be bought or sold to others in the community. I can see this product being a huge advantage to the indie community because it provides general resources to get you started but still leaves room and tools to come up with custom content of your own."~ Microfilmmaker Magazine

Post Magazine

ProductionHUB TV

 "I got to jump in to the demo on the show floor and try the motion capture out for myself... The product seemed very cool and extremely convenient for its end user, especially for indiegame developers who have a limited number of animators and access to a Windows Kinect... you don't have to go very far to turn your PC into an comprehensive game creation studio."~ Examiner

Wireless & Mobile News

"The most fun I had, was at the iClone booth... The Mocap Device Plug-in turns iClone5 into a complete mocap studio solution." ~ WiMo News

Speaking Event - KINECT- Birds of a Feather

KINECT Birds of a Feather gathered the foremost developers in Kinect motion capture and scanning technology. Reallusion demonstrates real-time Kinect motion capture for an audience of over 150 attendees.