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Inside the Box [episode 01] with Wolfzone

The popular podcasting duo, Wolf and Dulci focus a series of videos on the latest iClone 3D models and content packs, "Inside the box".

See a comprehensive walkthrough of the models and scenes included with various content packs in each installment of Inside the Box.  


Wolf gives you a full tour of what's inside with example projects and guides to where you can find everything for the stage.  


Dexsoft content packs: view in Realluison store

What is "The Wolf & Dulci Hour" radio show? 

The Wolf and Dulci Hour is an internet based radio show that airs on on Monday evenings at 10:00 EST. On the show, we discuss the ins and outs of iClone in a fun and informative way. The show also tries to showcase some of the talented movie makers out there in our animation community. Basically, we like to entertain our listeners while providing what we hope is valuable insight into how to get the most out of the iclone software and to encourage everyone to think outside the box and push the envelope on the creative front. 

For those who can't listen live, the show is available via podcast or email subscription through, with the archive of all past shows available through our blog



Animator Showcase: Paul Louis Muller

Paul or 'Pauly' as we have come to know him by since we first met early in the days of Reallusion has been involved in creating some classics in iClone and more recently in commercial production with CrazyTalk. Animation and writing and production and... Pauly is a guy that can do it all.  Here's some of his latest and a few words from Pauly:

"This was a video I produced for a hospitality company in Florida showing off one of their loyalty program services. I used only the basic characters and motions that CrazyTalk Animator comes with. The only upgrade was the shirt and tie character which I used for the merchant .  The other characters were the default sprite characters from the program and a character that I created using one of the default characters I loved in particular , the way I was able to import PNG files and use them as additional props and set pieces . The rendering was SUPER fast.  The whole Project took less than four hours to create.

Connect with Paul for custom animation work or writing for your video projects.  LinkedIn page

Earlier works from Paul Louis include the Biffle and Schuster series made in iClone (a personal favorite) and a must watch for anyone new to animation with iClone and would like to see one of the earliest works made in iClone.

Pauly can also teach you how to become a master puppet maker and puppeteer.  



The Silas and Ami Show debuts with CrazyTalk

DarkestGoth Magazine launches indie animated podcast, "The Silas and Ami Show" featuring animation from CrazyTalk.  In celebrating the debut of their show, we caught up with the show's creators to talk about the production and how they liked working with CrazyTalk.  [NSFW]

Don't miss the fun with this DarkestGoth Original Series that's being called a "cross between cult animation from Monty Python and Mike Judge and radio talk shows like Howard Stern and Love Lines!"

"When it came time for us to create our first original series at DarkestGoth Magazine--The Silas & Ami Show ( had the opportunity to meet and work with two very talented improv comic actors who had a unique problem: they worked in careers that are highly critical of the type of humor they excel at. Because of this, an animated format was the only viable solution to protect their anonymity, while permitting them the license to comment on the world around them without being censored. 

But with only one editor (who had no 2D animation experience), that would've proved impossible at almost any other time in history. Fortunately for us, our friends at MicroFilmmaker Magazine ( needed to test out CrazyTalk 7 Pro from Reallusion, a software that generates animation of a still image from a voice track and which had recently included the ability to generate body language based on voice acting. 

The software allowed us to take still image drawn characters for our actors and turn them into living, breathing characters in a fraction of the time of any other solutions we looked at. In fact, we were able to go from pitch to our Halloween premiere in only six months--which blows my mind!

Because so much can be done after the fact with CrazyTalk, I'm able to provide the actors with just a topic and let them respond in a very organic way at Oakwood Sound Design (

It gives the real world feel of a radio show, which would be impossible for most animated shows due to the traditional workflow. (And it makes it exciting for the production team, since no one is sure what's going to happen until we get a show recorded!)

So far, we're getting enthusiastic responses from those who've seen the show, so we're very psyched!"
-SAV, Showrunner, The Silas & Ami Show, DarkestGoth Original Series (



Zap! POW! Zoom! New York Comic-Con begins!

Today Comic-con attendees gather in Gotham's Jacob Javits center for New York Comic-Con.  From superhero cosplay to the latest in pop culture icons, panels and autograph sessions with your favorite artists.  NYCC has something to see for everyone.

Come see Reallusion's CrazyTalk7 at booth 131 October 10-14


NYCC official website


PixelEyes: E V Kain music video \m/

The SFO duo that brought you Post Grad the Video Game to Comedy Central's Kroll Show now feature their work in E V Kain's Yes No Maybe video.  Get more info about PixelEyesProductions Nice work on the iClone arcade!

PixelEyes: Post Grad is the video game that allows you to play out life after graduation.


Gamasutra: iClone to Unity tutorial

Join 3D expert, MD McCallum aka Warlord to learn quick character creation for games in this Gamasutra featured game development tutorial.

  Warlord covers how to animate characters for games with the iClone animation pipeline and Unity 4.2.  See how to animate a character in iClone and export the model as a FBX file for use in any Unity game. 

View the iClone to Unity animation tutorial



Anaheim, California AUG 2013 -- Reallusion joined the 40th annual Siggraph expo showcasing the release of iClone 5.5, the latest edition of iClone Animation Pipeline, which now includes the first universal facial control system for any 3D character. Once requiring a team of animators and weeks of work to bring characters to life, animation pros are now able to accomplish their goals in a matter of days and with minimal production staff by using the iClone Animation Pipeline.

The universal character rig supports importing any custom 3D character to animate with a vast toolset of dynamic facial puppeteering, lip-sync and HumanIK-enhanced motion creation.  Create animation with ease for your custom character FBX files export to Unity, UDK, 3DS Max, Maya and more. 

Reallusion's crew provided on-site demonstration of the photo-3d face fitting that turns any photo into a 3D avatar, as well as details on the full pipeline possibilities with an iClone to Maya demonstration.

Siggraph Press: ElectricTV & ShareCG covered the show with video demos & clips from the expo floor.




GDC 2013 - iClone Animation for Indie Game Developers


The 2013 GDC (Game Developers Conference) brought indie and indusrty developers from around the world to see the latest in game development technology and watch the best Indie games battle it out for in the Independent Games Festival.  Reallusion was among 300 exhibitors at this year's event that drew over 25,000 attendees.  The surge in mobile and handheld device games is apparent with over 70% of conference goers stating that they are primarily developing for handheld devices gaming.  

The show floor had plenty to see from Autodesk, Unity, Intel, Nvidia, Xbox and more. Inside Reallusion's booth (#2031), visitors saw the iClone Animation Pipeline working to create custom character facial animation and body motions on-the-fly for use in Unity.   iClone 5.5 demonstrated to developers how to import an FBX, characterize it for iClone and then use iClone's tools for auto lip-synch,  facial animation and body motion, then export to Unity, Max & Maya.  Visitors also learned about importing DAZ Genesis characters and the simplified retageting via HumanIK to make virtually any FBX ready to animate in minutes with iClone.

Reallusion gave a sneak peek of CrazyTalk7 for iOS to GDC attendees.  All the fun and animation from CrazyTalk on your iPad or iPhone including voice recording, lip-synch, interactive animmation and sharing to Youtube & Facebook.

To learn more about iClone animation tools for Unity game development:

To learn more about Reallusion's complete line of animation software and solutions:




CrazyTalk7 wins Macworld 2013 Best of Show [Video]

San Francisco, CA FEB 7th - MACWORLD/iWorld,
Reallusion presented CrazyTalk7 in our innagural Macworld. Our booth was inside the Appalooza section exhibiting the newest iOS and OSX apps.   The expo featured FaceTime powered robots, the latest from Blue microphones and in the middle of it all was CrazyTalk7 and a talking cat. The cat was quite popular and  the most asked question from show attendees was, "Can I do that with my pet?"... Yes and now you can do it on the Mac.  We demoed CrazyTalk to a big part of the 25,000 expoers and joined with the other 300 exhibitors to show the latest innovation in software and accessories for the Ultimate iFan.  The week was made even better with the news that CrazyTalk7 received "Best of Show".



Reallusion CrazyTalk7 - Macworld Best of Show 2013 



 "The app is incredibly easy to use"
Cult of Mac names CrazyTalk7 "Best Mac App" at Macworld



Macworld 2013 Photos Videos & Press

Macworld Live - Best of Show

MacVoices Podcast


ABC 7News

Associated Press


The Daily App Show


VOTE for CrazyTalk7 and enter to win an iPad Mini

Macworld's Favorite App Contest is underway and our very own CrazyTalk7 is currently in the top 5.  We need your VOTE on Facebook to put us over the top!

Thank you and GO CRAZYTALK!

Here's How to Vote:

1. Enter:
2. Find CrazyTalk7 and click on "Vote"
3. leave a comment and vote. (you will be asked to fill in your email address and name, so that they may contact you if you win the prize)

Thanks! ~ John