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iClone6 Work in Progress- Episode 2

In our last video (Episode1), you learned all about the real-time surface smoothing capabilities that will be introduced in iClone 6, that automatically created smoother and more even surfaces on models in real-time using distance adaptive technology.

This time around, we have something even cooler… Tesselation!

Episode2: Tessellation


Tessellation allows you to add geometry to any model and have it render in real-time via the addition of height and vector displacement maps. This is made possible with Direct X 11, which iClone 6 will support!

In a real-time environment, it’s hard to create detailed surfaces without raising polygon count significantly. However, the appearance of surface details can be accomplished via height or vector displacement maps, which create the illusion of texture on a surface by applying a pre-generated image map to it. 


By modifying the hieight displacement map alone, you can also change facial details, giving you the ability to customize and emphasize certain facial features as well.

The limitation of height maps is that it is just that, creating the illusion of height, but often without detailed curvature or shape. Vector displacement on the other hand is able to produce incredibly detailed shapes from simple material map data.

One of the huge advantages of vector displacement is the ability to produce undercut details on your model. Where height displacement simply stretches out the geometry, vector displacement produces refined curves and edges, creating an unparalleled sense of detail to your model.



The Winner of Animation@Work goes to…

We would like to salute all the winners of this year’s Animation@Work competition, which helped us to show how CrazyTalk can be utilized in real life projects! We were surprised at the creativity and professional production values that all of the participants demonstrated in their submissions. There were tons of exceptional productions; however we only have a handful of awards to send out. Congratulations to all the winners! We hope to see all of you in the next CrazyTalk Animator competition!


Check out the winners' works!

Check out all the entries!


iClone6 Work in Progress- Episode 1

We are working hard on the development of iClone 6, and you might be wondering about what sort of astounding improvements it has in store. As a little treat for our users, we present to you a very special ‘iClone Work in Progress’ series. This is the first of a series of videos that will give all of our talented users a sneak peak at how Reallusion is bringing you cutting-edge real-time visual technology in iClone 6 that can help to expand your production potential.

In this first video, we introduce real-time surface smoothing, which essentially smoothes out the appearance of objects and characters in your scene so they look more detailed and of higher quality.

Real-time surface smoothing is being developed exclusively by Reallusion as our proprietary technology. It enhances the appearance of scene objects without sacrificing system performance. Previously, the term real-time meant that scene objects had to have a low polygon count in order to maintain flawless software performance. Real-time surface smoothing breaks that mold, and utilizes otherwise dormant resources in your system’s GPU to enhance polygon counts in real-time, which results in the appearance of more visual refinement without a loss in performance.

Episode1: Real-time Surface Smoothing 


Reallusion exhibits at C2E2 - Chicago

Chicago, IL - April 2014 - Reallusion showcased 2D Animation with CrazyTalk7 and CrazyTalk Animator2 at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).  C2E2 is considered the 3rd largest Comic-con in the USA with San Diego and New York ranking above it, but this 4 year-old event is a great experience if you love pop-culture and lots of Stormtroopers. 

CrazyTalk7 - Make Any Image Talk!

CrazyTalk7 and CrazyTalk Animator2 demonstraded how comic enthuiasts, superhero fans, the many factions of sci-fi junkies, illustrators and creative folks of all ages could easily become animators.  CrazyTalk7 demo highlighted the ability to take any image scan or your sketches or illustrations and turn them into animated puppets that can be lip-synched within minutes to create movies you can edit or share.  

CrazyTalk Animator2 - Now for Mac and PC!

CrazyTalk Animator2 unveiled Reallusion's first CTA verison for Mac OS bringing the full capability to a cartoon studio into your control.  CrazyTalk Animator2's unique full 3D for 2D character composer builds instant avatars that are ready to animate and lip-synch to your voice.  The characters you can generate are powerful with full 3D rotation and animation from the simple 2D design.  This 3D for 2D approach allows CTA2 to provide the ability to animate 2D avatars with 3D motion data, including motion capture and mocap file libraries from other popular 3D packages.  iClone is a direct pipeline to 3D motion for 2D animaton. 

What is C2E2?

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo - also known as C2E2 - is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. Bringing the best of popular culture to Downtown Chicago, C2E2’s show floor is packed with hundreds of exhibitors, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators and screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen!


Videos and Photos from C2E2 2014





CrazyTalk Animator Featured Developer - Garry Pye

Do you know why Garry chose to use CrazyTalk Animator? Let’s see what he said.

The first thing that grabbed my attention with CrazyTalk Animator was the fact that it was able to produce the look of the old cartoons I watched on TV as a kid. It allows me to get the same feel of those cartoons without having to painstakingly draw every frame. The simple key framing and tweening system along with the flexibility of the character joints and available motion packs means I can animate a character running across the screen with one button. That allows me to focus on the performance of my characters instead of the boring frame by frame work.

But the thing that impressed me most when I first discovered CrazyTalk Animator was that not only could you animate the characters, but the incredible flexibility of animating the camera movements and the three dimensional look you could create with two dimensional illustrations. That's what really sells an animation and makes it more polished. The ability to push the camera through the scene as if it were a live action movie set.

The learning curve with CrazyTalk Animator was really just a matter of watching the online tutorials and then trying out each function for myself to see what results I could get. You can read all the instruction manuals you can get your hands on, but nothing beats the "hands on" approach. Click a button. See what it does. I was able to create my first short animation using the included content within an hour or so. From then on, it was just a matter of learning the finer details.


To See more of Garry Pye's work and videos, visit 

Garry's company:

YouTube channel:

Content store in the RL marketplace:


CrazyTalk Animator Garry Pye Things You Don't See Coming 1

Dungeon for CrazyTalk Animator by Garry Pye

CrazyTalk Animator Garry Pye 1


CrazyTalk Animator 2.1 Updates Come with Mac Version

There are several goals we wished to achieve with this new main update. First, we have finally completed the Mac version for CrazyTalk Animator 2 and synced its release with version 2.1 release, so lots of Mac users will be happy about this. Second, we included the popular transparent PNG and AniGIF output, which can be easily exported by copy-and-paste. This greatly stirs up dynamic content usage for presentations, web design, emails and social activities in forums and instant messaging. Also, as promised Reallusion has brought back the highly-acclaimed motion blending and image masking features, and make them more powerful. Character designers can also find lots of new features to make G2 avatar creation process easier and faster. This new 2.1 update also includes numerous usability enhancements and performance improvements to make CrazyTalk Animator an awesome tool!

What’s New in 2.1 V

  • Instantly Copy-Paste PNG & Animated GIF
  • Enhanced Render Style Panel
  • Dynamic Text Bubbles
  • Empowered Motion Clip Blending
  • Enhancement Over Character Composer
  • Enhanced Mask Editor for Character and Prop Composer
  • Supports Windows 64-bit Version
  • Mac Version is Now Available


CrazyTalk Animator 2.1 for Mac &PC


CrazyTalk Animator 2 Demo Reel





Macworld/iWorld CrazyTalk7 & FaceFilter3 [Video]

Reallusion featured CrazyTalk7, animation software that makes any image talk and FaceFilter3, the photo beautification app during the 30th anniversary of Macworld/iWorld held in San Francisco's Moscone Center.  Reallusion joined the press-only, First Looks on March 26th where interviews by ABC, AP, MacVoices and the San Jose Mercury News featured CrazyTalk's new iPad and iPhone iOS verison of CrazyTalk7.



 CrazyTalk7 now equips Apple enthusiasts with the ability to create animation projects on their Mac using any photo and their voice, then send them for more fun animation on the iOS iPad and iPhone apps.  Sharing from the iOS version of CrazyTalk is easy with animations saved as videos to your camera roll or directly uploaded to YouTube or FaceBook.

 CrazyTalk7 Interactive Plugin was introduce during the Macworl/iWorld expo showing Mac users how to create custom animations with CrazyTalk using their photos and then export them as real-time interactive talking avatars for websites.  The CrazyTalk avatars can then be controlled with javascript for interactive web pages that can deliver real-time facial animation and lipsync.

San Jose Mercury News:  TOP 5 Products at Macworld: CrazyTalk7


FaceFilter3 was featured in the Appalooza app showcase as a new spotlight product for the Mac App Store. Reallusion demoed the quickness and easy process of fitting a face in a photo with a wire mask and then instantly slicing the face into over 20 editable zones with a makeup template libary for a digital makeover or muscle morphing to rehape the face.  The DLSR features for creating depth of field and filter fx add professional qualites to photos taken with the iPhone or digital cameras.  FaceFilter3 for Mac OSX is a unique photo editor with tools designed for any level of user to control with quality results.  FaceFilter3 supports current Mac native RAW images so professionals may utilize FaceFilter3's quick portrait enhancements.

Professional services found interest in FaceFilter3 for teeth improvement previz by Dentist and Orthodontists or as a digtial makeup tool for cometics companies to previz eye makeup.  Many Macworld/iWorld attendees attended FaceFilter3 demos with interest in skin smoothing, wrinkle removal and how to master the DSLR fx filters and depth of field. 


 Macworld/iWorld Video

CrazyTalk: Still Crazy, Now Mobile
Macworld / IDG NEWS


ABC News 7






Animation Magazine Review: iClone 5.5 impresses as "PitchViz" and "Previz" for filmmakers

Animation Magazine's Todd Perry reviews iClone 5.5 ~

"I am very excited about the potential for smaller films to be able to use the iClone technology to develop PitchViz (PreViz uses to raise filmmaking funds) and actual PreViz to aid directors to make choices before he’s onset with 150 people waiting for him to decide."


Let's talk business with CrazyTalk

To best present your business and branded services, you need realistic, trust worthy human avatars. This pack was created to provide you with a full set of professional-looking characters. These virtual representatives include both males and females from high-resolution photo images and artistically crafted illustration styles, which can be well fit into different web design and marketing promotions. 

 Example Videos of CrazyTalk Business Avatars

In addition, male and female avatars also have corresponding idle and talking motions, which are optimized with vivid and convincing performances for broadcasting, presenting, and online customer service.

View the full pack of CrazyTalk avatars for business presentations and talking web hosts 


CrazyTalk Animator 2 Video Tutorials

CrazyTalk Animator 2 adds tools and features to quickly help anyone get started with 2D animation.   The updates in CTA2 include a totally new multi-dimensional character creator that enables you to pick and choose character styles and facial features for constructing ready-to-animate figures that have full 360 rotation and animation capability.  The character composer offers access to a library of options that are expandable with further content packs or capable to utilize your own sprite designs.  Characters created in CrazyTalk have the unique abiltiy to use 3D motions and puppeteering with 2D animation.  The motion library and puppeteering panels can animate your 2D characters with 3D motion. More custom 3D motions can be created with the use of Crazytalk Animator 2 pipeline and iClone's motion library or Microsoft Kinect for Windows.  Scene creation is further aided in CTA2 with a dockable interface allowing you to mix panels and timeline views so that the user interface can be customzied to your project's needs.  Lots of new features and creative ideas are detailed in our tutorial series to help you learn everything you need to know about CrazyTalk Animator 2.