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John Martin II : Animize

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The Cellist - iClone horror movie challenge

Tricks and big treats are being served up by iClone users this week as we come to a close on the Halloween movie challange. Here's the latest entry from John Holland. John is popular for his Utada Hikaru music videos. Turns out, he's good at horror too.

EEK! Insects for iClone

Butterflies, Dragonflies, moths and more infest iClone with delicate movement and beautiful design. Will Veeke, Bugs! creator adds some tiny magic to the world of iClone.

Disturbing Experience

David Thomas releases Distrubing Experience, a horror film made in iClone. This is David's first film made with iClone 3. Warning: Contains graphic violence

“Red, White, & Who?” Funny Political Cartoon: Repuffs, a political satire


The iClone Machinima Massacre

Short Horror film with iClone. Made with Classic Horror Pack

MyToons Launches Animation Contest for Creepy Cartoons


Renderosity hosts live Q&A with John Martin from Reallusion

"We are very excited to announce that John C. Martin II, VP of Product Marketing for Reallusion, Inc., the creators of Crazy Talk and iClone software is on hand this week to answer community questions. iClone 3 has recently been released to overwhelming reception. To learn more about iClone 3, please see Renderosity Staff Columnist, Ricky Grove's review here. Also, be sure to stop by the Renderosity iClone Forum that has been abuzz with recent activity." Nick Charles, Renderosity Editor Visit Renderosity and join in the discussion.

Killer Content: iClone Horror Pack released

iClone horror for halloween moviesClassic Horror Movies The focus of this pack is Classic Horror. It includes a serial killer with different kinds of weapon such as Axe, Chopper, Shovel, Chain Saw, and masks. Using the newest interactive technology of iClone3, filming will be easier, and editing will be faster. The motion contains killing motions using different weapons as well as persona WASD. We also provide a series of victim motions and persona for users to apply to any iClone3 Characters to suit your filming needs. View Full pack website Pack includes : See some examples below • Character x 1 • Motions x 84 • Accessories x 16 • Props x 51 • Stages x 4 • Personae x 4

CNN iReport covers Political Machinima

cnn Satire and politics have a long history and in today's world of on-demand viral media the ability for expression of support, ridicule and even attack can be waged from the single home computer. The Martin Brothers are expressing their views on the 2008 presidential race through the animated satire, "Repuffs!" View full story on CNN iReport:

Repuffs! a political satire

What if the Republican party was a breakfast cereal? In the spirit of the political season we whipped up a satire with iClone 3. Created by the Martin Bros., the video is a study in the attempted rebranding of a political party.
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The views expressed in the video are not intended to be those of Reallusion. That being said, the Martin Bros. swing iClone with a political punch. Repuffs utilizes iClone 3's flexible actor creation system and billboard objects for motion graphics. All footage created in rendered in HD 1280x720. The production time was 20 days. No matter your views in the upcoming election, if you live in the US please share them by voting. Thank you my fellow Americans and all of our friends around the world. Enjoy Repuffs!