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Intel interviews Reallusion's John Martin

During the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco I sat down with Intel to discuss Reallusion's software products "iClone", and "CrazyTalk" and about how being a member of the Intel Software Partner Program has benefited Reallusion as we optimize our products for Intel based machines. [The still frame above is one of my finer moments ;) ] For more information on on Reallusion visit: For More information on the Intel Software Partner Program please visit:

ITReviewed 5 Stars - iClone 3 Pro Review

iClone gets 5 stars from "iClone 3 Pro is a knock out and sets a new standard in consumer 3D animation. It provides cost benefits and low overheads, and you aren’t hamstrung by your own artistic abilities. Whether you’re into machinima full-time or just starting out in animation, iClone 3 is a brilliant package." Reallusion iClone 3 Pro

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Interactive War Machines

iClone WWII Machines of War Theme Pack
This theme pack contains: * The legendary armor tanks in WWII: German Panzer IV, Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II and M4 Sherman Tank from the allies *Mobilized Military Vehicles in WWII: German BMW 75 side car motorcycles, US Willys Jeep, cargo truck *Aircrafts in WWII: BF109 and FW190 from Luftwaffe, Spitfire from Royal Air Force and P51 Mustang from USAAF. All machines in this pack are iProps. Through the built in Action Script and iAnimations, users can use the hot keys to move the vehicles forward, back or turn directly. They can also rotate the cannons on the tank or move the cannons up and down or even open fire. The interactive function of the fighter planes include the rotation of the propeller, Gear Up/Down, opening or closing of the cockpit and open fire. With the design like this, users can arrange and compose the animations anyway they want to fully enjoy play to create. The production of every iProps concentrates on the sense of speed and gravity when operating these machines. The true realism is displayed together with smoke and dust particle effects. It is definitely the pack that you must have. The bonus pack includes 4 specially designed terrains of battle field, including a grassland, snow land, dessert, and cliff.

'Cheat Code,' live-action iClone machinima from filmmaker Paul Brown

Cheat Code Part 1
Filmmaker Paul Brown quietly published his movie, 'Cheat Code,' on YouTube yesterday introducing us to his wonderful world of live-action blended with iClone 3D animation. Congratulations to Paul, his cast and crew. Gumshoe Production's, 'Cheat Code' has pushed the DIY filmmaking frontier Paul Brown introduces Cheat Code: "While playing a video game I enter the wrong cheat code, and become trapped in the game. The only way out is to complete the level. Many of the special effects and computer animation sequences were created with iClone." Part 2 Part 3

Building a Medieval Village - Part 5

3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Stage 5 Horse & Cart Route Cameras Animation Medieval Village
From the creator: "STAGE 5: Animated Chinese Painting Exhibition.Dont worry about the horses waving reins, its just a horse. Im looking at pleasant cam angles and sweeps. Once the streets are full of paintings this will all look so different. And banners and ganging flags etc. So... one thing at a time. The camea and telephoto method now works in animated mode. Thats pleasant. And the compression of perspective is exactly like real life. Perfect now. 3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Flags Stage 5 Animation Medieval Village b.flv"

Building a Medieval Village - Part 4

3D Chinese Painting Exhibition. Flags. Stage 4. Animation Medieval Village (Reloaded)
From the creator: "In this section I have simply mapped some of my Traditional Chinese Paintings onto canvas model flags and banners. This having been done, I then add a little texture, thought thats not really required as there arent any takes up that close... but just in case I change my mind... Then Ive added them to wooden cronky flagpoles and some rather extravagant Kings Court Flagpoles. But the look good and should look wonderful donw the main causeway. Ill do some night shots also. And some torchlit as well. It will be like walt disney when it is done. Thanks for calling in."

Building a Medieval Village - Part 3

3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Screen Tests Stage 3 Animation Medieval Village
From the creator: STAGE 3. Using Reallusions iClone v.3 Professional. Animated Chinese Painting Exhibition in a Medieval Viollage Environment. This is a series of panning screen tests for the scene through several different weather conditions. Snow, sun, night, mist etc. So, now that I have this done I can concentrate on the pictures. The idea being to make the environment match the pictures... as best I can anyway. It's alot of fun but we will see the finished results soon. Thanks for calling by.

Building a Medieval Village - Part 2

3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Stage 2 Animation Medieval Village
From the creator: "A quick whistle through some of the finishing stages. TimeLapsed because in general its all polishing from this point onwards. The set is a set that came with something like iClone v.1.5 or something. But I liked the way the dips in the land allowed the water as it appears here. Tommorow Ill create the banners and things with the paintings on them. That should be fun. Not sure what to do about the people. I only have a few medieval dressed types. Maybe, three? So, I dont want to lose too much time on this, Ill see if theres a quick fix to be had using Clone Cloth for some scruffy sacking type clothes. It should be fun anyway".

Building a Medieval Village - Part 1

3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Animation Medieval Village
ChineseCalligraphy says, "This is an animation, or will be, of a Medieval Village in about the 10th Century. Using Realusions iClone 3 Professional this should be quite an attractive Movie suite of three.. It will be part 1, part 2 and then Part Three will be the actual Movie with talking characters and all sorts. The main theme is to display China as being forefront in England in the 10th Century which really is kind of rewriting History a little. Should be very beautiful. I hope you enjoy it."

iClone - Downtown Metro Content Pack 

City Elements - Downtown Metro Areas Vol1
iClone content pack puts your productions on-location in a real-time metropolis featuring day and night settings, interactive lights, street signals and subway. Get it soon in the Reallusion content store: