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In the last video, we took a look at how tessellation allows you to add geometry to any model, and have it render in real-time via the addition of height and vector displacement maps. This time around, we’re going to introduce you to Substance Dynamic Texture, a new feature that will give you unlimited options for surface materials.

Episode3: Substance Dynamic Texture

Texture Swapping

Texture swapping is an example of how you can transition between textures by changing the strengths of various properties. Users will be able to set keyframes to gradually move between various visual representations of the same texture, giving a single texture an unlimited variety of appearances!

Weathering Effect to 3D Blocks

By giving it a dynamic texture surface, it's easy to turn any geometric shape into a natural-looking object with weathering effect such as rust on metal, moss on woods, dirt on rocks, and more.

Dynamic Shape Change

Not only can users blend one texture into another, but these powerful textures can also be combined with displacement maps to create visually stunning changes in shape and appearance.

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Very interested article
I had some doubts and this article helped me a lot.

July 10, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterflorcom

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