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Animator Showcase: Paul Louis Muller

Paul or 'Pauly' as we have come to know him by since we first met early in the days of Reallusion has been involved in creating some classics in iClone and more recently in commercial production with CrazyTalk. Animation and writing and production and... Pauly is a guy that can do it all.  Here's some of his latest and a few words from Pauly:

"This was a video I produced for a hospitality company in Florida showing off one of their loyalty program services. I used only the basic characters and motions that CrazyTalk Animator comes with. The only upgrade was the shirt and tie character which I used for the merchant .  The other characters were the default sprite characters from the program and a character that I created using one of the default characters I loved in particular , the way I was able to import PNG files and use them as additional props and set pieces . The rendering was SUPER fast.  The whole Project took less than four hours to create.

Connect with Paul for custom animation work or writing for your video projects.  LinkedIn page

Earlier works from Paul Louis include the Biffle and Schuster series made in iClone (a personal favorite) and a must watch for anyone new to animation with iClone and would like to see one of the earliest works made in iClone.

Pauly can also teach you how to become a master puppet maker and puppeteer.  


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