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'The Sniper' 15-min iClone short-film from WarLord

iclone Watch The Sniper here James Martin, iClone trainer and blogger at covers the release of Warlord's, The Sniper. The Sniper is a new Machinima film by M D McCallum that was produced with both iClone and videogame output proves to be a real 5 star film. A true Machinima mash-up movie with a deeply moving original storyline that has a masters touch to the animation. Featuring the wonderful works from the Reallusion iClone G.I. vs Wehrmacht, Medieval Village and Classic Horror Movies and other content packs. Reallusion promo video for WWII content pack This is a spitfire example of an industry leading iCloner and some of his best work to date. Warlord is a long time member of the iClone community and someone I personally have watched grow into his real-time skin over the last couple of years and M. D. never seems to dissapoint where iClone is concerned. A founding member of and a long time CoolCloner has placed his sights and fired a shot true into the Machinima body with this film. To those out there who may have had some question before wither iClone IS or IS NOT Machinima, I say to you, take a look at The Sniper and witness the seamless mesh of video game footage with iClone output that Warlord displays in his latest piece. Look to iClone as your film-making stage and video game footage as almost “on-location” shoots and in the end you can create a mesh of Machinima that is visually stunning. That’s what I feel M.D. McCallum has accomplished with this movie and I recommend the 15 minute viewing time to all my readers. You won’t regret it. Great film. Enjoy!

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