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iClone 3 - What's New Video

iClone 3 launches this week 8-8-08, but you can see many of the new features in action now. Check out the What's New video with 10 minutes of exclusive footage from iClone 3, the 3D movie machine.

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[...] iClone TV: “iClone 3 What’s New Video” [...]

[...] iClone TV Blog Archive iClone 3 What New Video Posted by root 1 hour 51 minutes ago ( Iclone 3 launches this week 8 8 08 but you can see many of the new you must be logged in to post a comment iclone tv is proudly powered by wordpress Discuss  |  Bury |  News | iClone TV Blog Archive iClone 3 What New Video [...]

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