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Virtual Learning Curve creates 2400 minutes of e-learning videos with iClone

Steve Day, Head of Production

Why we use iClone:
Our company Vertical Learning Curve is the first company to create accredited 3D interactive graduate degrees. We will finish our first full MBA program in a few months. When we do, we will complete the monumental task of animating 2,400 minutes--the equivalent of 20 two-hour long feature films in two years. To make matters more difficult, this task must be completed by using only a team of five animators. Our task would be impossible to accomplish without iClone.

iClone speeds up our production pipeline like no other animation software. With our Phasespace motion capture system and iClone's help, our team of five animators can animate 100 minutes of animation per month at a professional level. Reallusion's animation studio provides us with fast easy-to-use tools such as avatar creation, 3D modeling, Lip-syncing, and character rigging all in one seamless package.

The iClone 4.0 upgrade will complete their toolkit by supplying the lighting and visual effects necessary to compete with industry-standard software makers, through the use of importing video files, HDR effects, Motion-pathing, and IBL effects. We are thrilled at this new release and we look forward to applying their new features in the rest of our degree courses.


Student filmmaker at the Savannah College of Art and Design

John Holland, Student Filmmaker

I'm currently working on my senior film which should be done by next March. I'm actually doing my senior film in iClone 4 and I'm pretty excited about that . Most of the 3D students here are using Maya to create their film, but I wanted to be different and iClone is getting to the point of being pretty close to many of the things Maya can do. A few of my teachers are quite surprised by the program and can't wait to see how it will all come together in the end.


L4 Studios in Berlin, Germany creates broadcast animation with iClone

Thorsten Strack, Agency Head & Producer

IClone is the tool of choice if you are working for a daily news magazine. There is no other 3D package that gives you such a speed!

IClone fits perfectly to our needs, it is wide open for the other tools we use and our mocap-data works flawless in iCLone. In a professional production environment your tools must be reliable and stable, ICLONE was in the last 6 mounth of production solid like a rock. The output section gives you a wide range of media-formats, perfect for heavy post production.

I have never worked with a 3D package that gives so much freedom of
creativity, its feels like filmmaking and not like 3d editing. Machinima at
its best!

As we started with "Mo&Ma", Iclone was the only affordable machinima
package on the market for commercial work. The content stores and the huge
community are a big plus!

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