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Wireframe Studios debuts, “Once Upon a Time”" a feature length iClone film

Binu Sasidharan, Director

Details on how iClone has been part of our production:
Wireframe Animation studio was formed in 2005 and step-by-step we build up our team. Even though our team is extremely good in blender, our previous major projects were all done in 2d. Once we started discussion on feature film “Once upon a Time” we thought of creating a 2d animated version but our producers were more interested in 3d. Also the time frame was very short.

We knew the project could not be completed in the time limit with the software we were familiar with. The budget also played a major factor. So then we had to find the best software available in a decent budget, which led us to iClone.

We found iClone superior in many aspects.
It is very user-friendly and studio like ours with limited resources could easily handle big projects. It took only few weeks for us to learn iClone. We were wondering why nobody had already used iClone for a theatrical film, which naturally led us to an uncertainty whether we would get the desired result. So we thought of testing the final output on big screen. The results were quite satisfactory. Now we are actually moving ahead of the schedule.

IClone is an all in one software, which can be used professionally both in television broadcast and feature film. We still believe if iClone were not available, we would not have even started our film. For me, main aim of a film is storytelling, iClone helps me to do it in style.

Wireframe studio has started using iClone in 2008 after the release of iClone 3. We are using iClone for our entire production now. IClone helps us in quickly creating, customizing 3D characters with faces from just a photo. Texturing features, lighting, water etc are all unbelievable. Lots and lots of features are there in iClone, which were only available on all so-called high-end 3d animation software’s.

About “Once Upon a Time”
The story depicts a strange happening in the life of an adventurous and mischievous boy named Rahul who learns about a magical kingdom from a book gifted by a sage. The Story moves to a new dimension when Rahul and his toy kunjan accidentally lands up in a mysterious world similar to that he had read in the book. Rahul’s quest to unfold the mystery of the magical land changes him to the chosen one for saving the kingdom from the evil forces of Kukkoosan the black magician and the power hungry minister.
The film based on this fantasy story is treated to entertain the viewers and hook them to the story by retaining the curiosity element and the suspense factor till the end.

Reader Comments (5)

Do you have a link to your film? I just downloaded iClone two days ago, and it really is easy to use, but I'm debating whether to stick with it or give it up in favor of the 2D animation I've been doing.

I'd love to see your film!

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