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L4 Studios in Berlin, Germany creates broadcast animation with iClone

Thorsten Strack, Agency Head & Producer

IClone is the tool of choice if you are working for a daily news magazine. There is no other 3D package that gives you such a speed!

IClone fits perfectly to our needs, it is wide open for the other tools we use and our mocap-data works flawless in iCLone. In a professional production environment your tools must be reliable and stable, ICLONE was in the last 6 mounth of production solid like a rock. The output section gives you a wide range of media-formats, perfect for heavy post production.

I have never worked with a 3D package that gives so much freedom of
creativity, its feels like filmmaking and not like 3d editing. Machinima at
its best!

As we started with "Mo&Ma", Iclone was the only affordable machinima
package on the market for commercial work. The content stores and the huge
community are a big plus!

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