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Ready-to-use Substance Materials in iClone 6

Reallusion has worked together with Allegorithmic to bring you a distinctive and functional selection of premium Substance materials for use in iClone 6.

Watch the full collection of Substance materials for iClone.  

Ready-to-use Substance Materials: 81 Architecture, 21 Metals, 16 Stones, 40 Wood, 25 Ground and 17 Input.

This essential library of substances can be customized and modified via a slider interface to achieve a nearly unlimited variety of visual material results for more flexibility and enhanced realism. 


Aging Substance Tool

B2M Substance Tool

Decal Substance Tool

Each of these unique substances are available exclusively from Reallusion, and contain adaptable custom functionality which allows them to act as a substance as well as a powerful design tool for any surface. Input your own texture maps into these substances and blend them with a wide spectrum of ingenious effects to produce your very own gorgeous materials.

We also offer hands-on and comprehensive guides and resources to help you with creating your own complex substances in no time. Just follow the step-by-step process laid out within and use the source files to become a Substance Designer pro in no time! More info>>


iClone animation made its way to the silver screen!

A real film that combines the use of real video footage with iClone animations will be theatrically released in LA this Friday, 30 January.

The film, Plato’s Reality Machine will open for a one week limited theatrical release at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood on January 30th.  A Chekhovian romantic comedy with a dash of techno/sci-fi thrown in for good measure, the narrative depicts the interweaving affairs of six attractive New Yorkers in their late 20s/early 30s.  They achieve physical intimacy quickly while having difficulty attaining enduring emotional attachments. The focus is on Charles, who has an obsession with a futuristic video game that features a seductive female ray-gun-toting space soldier, Sophia. But his other five human associates are all playing games of their own. One of Charles’ lovers, the dazzling Maggie, finds enough presence of mind to (finally) want a truly adult relationship. Will Charles be able to win this very special woman back, or will he retreat to the video world of outer space forever?


Photo Credit: Platos Reality Machine


Interview Myles Sorensen - the director of Plato’s Reality Machine

"I started writing Plato's Reality Machine about five years ago. I had this idea to do a film about 6 single New Yorkers and their interlocking relationships. And I also knew that part of the film would be interviews with these characters, in a reality-show format. But I knew I needed a third part to the film, as the first two parts were so dialogue driven and talky. I wanted the third part to be something visual, exciting. So eventually I came up with the idea of having the third element be a video-game, and to have the story in the video-game be another one of the "relationships" we see in the film. 

As I was researching how to create the video-game animation, I learned about Machinima and the community of people who make Machinima. That led me to iClone and I immediately saw it would be the perfect tool to create the kind of animation I needed. iClone just has a huge amount of sets and characters and overall ability to customize, so I thought it would be great fit."

Read more back stage story:

To visit Plato’s Reality Machine official website:

Ticket info:

Get your seat now:

Or you can buy the movie from iTune:  


Need some inspirations? Check out this stunning iClone showcase video

Happy New Year, everyone!

Did all of you have a great holiday and get some time to working on your new iClone 6 project?

Check out this stunning showcase video done by Warlord. It shows how iClone 6 can bring old projects to a new look. 


You can also showcase your imagination inside the "iClone Featured Movies" where you can see exciting 3D movies and be seen by other iClone users featuring their clever iClone creations. Submit your video here 



48 HOUR Year End Sale


We just launched a 48 HOUR YEAR END SALE for all of you to get the amazing deals for CrazyTalk Product Family. Recive the special deals immediately:

CrazyTalk Animator 2: 

CrazyTalk Animator provides an exciting new approach to traditional 2D animation with innovative new tools that allow users to apply 3D motions to 2D characters. New powerful tools have opened new possibilities for freely editing 2D motions and viewing them from any angle with a single click. Combined with functional features like facial puppet and auto lip-sync, it has become the most creative software for 2D character animation.

Showcases and videos:

HOT! We just released G2 Power Tools Vol. 3- Employ animated symbols to represent your messages and ideas in a more entertaining way. Check it out:

CrazyTalk 7:

CrazyTalk is the world’s most popular facial animation tool that uses voice and text to vividly animate facial images. The brand new CrazyTalk7 contains all the powerful tools people love about CrazyTalk plus a revolutionary auto motion engine, and an intelligently simple user interface.

Watch video tutorials to learn more about CrazyTalk:

Don't miss the opportunity and we wish you a happy up-coming 2015!


Watch the iClone 6 intro video filmed by our new super stars - Heidi and Manson!

We've prepared tons of cool iClone 6 videos to guide you through your iClone 6 adventure. 
Check out all the cool new features in iClone 6 and level up your production quality!

Watch more iClone 6 videos at Training Center:

iClone 6 - Grand Launch!

iClone 6 is finally here! This time, iClone 6 is more than an animation production tool, as we've incorporated leading technologies such as Nvidia's PhysX, SpeedTree and Allegorithmic's Substance to produce stunning visual quality, in addition to superb render quality with Indigo RT. Be the first to experience the iClone 6 powerful features with Early Bird Special before Jan. 15, 2015.


Highlights of iClone 6 features

Real-time Production

iClone's preset layouts are logically designed with Stage, Set, Actor, Animation, Media and Export sections so that you may easily allocate resources during story creation. Simply drag and drop actors, props or textures directly into any scene within the 3D preview window, and then use the intuitive gizmos to easily control objects with convenient inscreen editing.



Appealing Characters

Welcome these brand new, stylish one-mesh G6 characters that are designed for versatile body morphs; one dress can conform to different body shapes, and the joints are smooth during motion. 


Authentic Motions 

Easily preview and record face, and body motions with the unique puppeteering engine. Create vivid facial animations with audio lip-syncing or develop enhanced expressions with motion key editing. Then freely control body animations with HumanIK and motion layer editing, allowing you to instantly apply characteristics for unique styles. Set path constraints to guide your actors' motion behaviors, or endow them with conciousness by making them look at camera or moving targets.


Visual Effects

Real-time Surface Smoothing provides finer definition for low-polygon models without sacrificing system performance. The Toon Shader helps you easily turn 3D graphics into a 2D cartoon look with cell shading. With Post FX, you may render and create key-able visual effects like color toning, lens blur, sketch or black & white. Build enhanced and unique atmospheres with advanced lighting effects such as HDR, IBL, and AO. Produce amazing real-time particle effects with preset libraries and emitter controls for smoke, fire, and explosions.


Dynamic Material

Create realistic visual appearances with multi-texture channels such as: Diffuse, Opacity, Bump, Specular, Glow, Reflection, Blend, and Displacement. You can also feed video textures into selected channels, and create live 3D-to-video composition effects. With the built-in Substance engine, you can easily add dynamic texture behaviors to existing iClone materials, compatible with hundreds of Substance material libraries. Thanks to the Tessellation technology, you can physically manipulate the geometric shape of your models by using displacement maps, which give a greater sense of detail without increasing polygon count. 

 Visit the website for more iClone 6 stunning features at


Reallusion New York Comic-Con Retrospective

Reallusion joined over 100,000 Comic-Con attendees at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City October 8-12th 2014.  Attendees took in demos of CrazyTalk 7, CrazyTalk for Unity and CrazyTalk Animator 2 PRO to get a look at the complete line-up of Reallusion's 2D animation tools.  Animators, illustrators, hobbyists and folks of all types of backgrounds saw how simple it is to create a talking characters from a single image.  Live demos included creating talking Zombies, game characters for Unity and creating your own cartoon with CrazyTalk Animator.

Here's a video to peek inside what's behind doing a tradeshow and the crazy that is Comic-con.

Al Cayne and our friends at stopped by for this live demo and interview about CrazyTalk 7 and CrazyTalk Animator 2

Reallusion caught up with a number of Comic-con attendees that shared their video reivew and testimony from the showfloor. 

CrazyTalk 7 is a great tool for creating animations directly from comics or from your own drawings.  Storytellers can bring their creations to life with ease by selecting an image to animate, fitting the photo with our face rig and finally recording or importing audio to bring character animations to life.  

For more information about CrazyTalk visit Reallusion:


Reserve iClone6 & Get iClone5.5 Now! 

iClone6 launch is coming soon and there are special savings for members and new purchasers of iClone. Reserve your preorder of iClone6 and you'll get the best price, along with instant access to the current iClone5.5.  

View special pricing with upto 58% savings here:  



iClone6 pre-launch Special

What to expect from iClone6

Visual Enhancement

iClone6 supports software rendering with Indigo RT via plug-in architecture, providing an incredibly enhanced fine-quality visual render. Real-time surface smoothing enhances the look of everything without sacrificing system performance.

Usability Perfection

A leap forward in usability with a brand new flexible user interface allows you to detach, move and dock panels to customize your own layout and working style. An optimized Content Manager helps you get easy access to a rich library of content, and build virtual folders to better organize your content.

Content Evolution

Brand new stylish one-piece G6 characters with enhanced topology for natural facial animation and body morphs. Upgraded SpeedTree content gives a more detailed look, seamless LOD, and animated wind control.




horror movie previz with iClone: lights, camera and VFX

" The realtime render software iClone from Reallusion is nowadays an essential part in the world of 3D programs.The advantages of iClone are obvious. The software is easy to learn and thanks to the real-time 3D engine, it is possible to produce movie clips in a short amount of time.  iClone also provides a ton of animation-ready talking characters for direct performances. Any actor performance can be easily created with iClone's intuitive animation tools."

See more about the six-step-tutorial on 3D World

About René Jacob

René works as a freelance film editor for German TV and movie productions and produces machinima-movies with iClone to do all the stories he couldn’t do in real life.