Reallusion 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Highlights

Comic Con Crowd 2

Reallusion joined over 120,000 Comic-Con attendees at the San Diego Convention Center from July 9-12th 2015. Attendees experienced demos of CrazyTalk 7, and CrazyTalk Animator 2 PRO for a look at the complete line-up of Reallusion’s 2D animation tools. Animators, illustrators, hobbyists and families saw how simple it is to create a talking character from a single image. Live demos included creating talking stuffed animals, movie characters and even animating Chewbacca.


Here’s our highlights wrap-up video for San Diego Comic-Con 2015

At the show we had all kinds of visitors who previously heard about CrazyTalk, and who were eager to get their hands on their very own copy. Some lucky users even got an exclusive Reallusion USB drive.




Craig Knitt – Graphics Arts Director for the Boys & Girls Club


T.V. Producer, James Ganiere and his Jedi Family

We also had the pleasure of discovering Anomaly Productions, a cutting-edge media company that combines stunning artwork and rich stories to build deeply immersive worlds than can be experienced across multiple platforms and in a multitude of ways.


At San Diego Comic-Con we found out that Anomaly’s Brian Haberlin was actually using CrazyTalk 7 to create beautifully rich, facial lip-syncing animation for their motion comics. In the show we had a chance to meet up with Director Francis Takenaga for a quick introduction into the world of Anomaly — Stay-tuned for a complete feature story on Anomaly Productions and CrazyTalk. —

Anomaly Francis


Reallusion Exhibits at SIGGRAPH 2015, Los Angeles


Reallusion will be at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, from August 11-13th.

So come by our booth #236 and say hello! We will share with you the latest enhancements to the iClone product family, with real-time Character Creation, animation, live motion capture, HumanIk motion editing and a complete pipeline to get everything from iClone into your game, movie or previs project.


England’s National Film & Television School hosts iClone Animation Game Lab

NFTS-games students and faculty watch @BlaiseImiolczyk mocap in iClone with Perception Neuron

Logo-Twit-blackThe National Film and Television school, located just twenty-minutes outside of London in Beaconsfield has a long history of creating great cinema,TV and recently the next great game-makers.  


Bring Your Data to Life with Animated Infographics

Spicy Presentations Banner

Whether in school or work, we’ve all sat through countless presentations – some quite engaging, but others – pretty painful.  Chances are, some of those were painful because of how the data was presented – in massive tables and hard-to-read graphs that lacked a compelling story.  Many presenters believe that “the numbers speak for themselves” and that the audience will automatically follow the speaker’s logic.

But this assumption is dangerous and does a huge disservice to data, massively hindering its potential.


Game Character Animation Contest – Win $5,000 worth of prizes


Are you an animator, a 3D artist, or a game enthusiast that dreams about showing your work to the 3D community while winning thousands of dollars in prizes?

Well then, head on over to the Game Character Animation contest to compete in this summer’s hottest animation contest where you can use the 3D software of your choice, or claim a free version of iClone to use in the contest!