CrazyTalk – Top 5 CrazyTalk Animations of 2015


Turning photos and images into instant talking heads, and talking pets, has been widely popular in animation and film-making since 2000, thanks in part to the first launch of CrazyTalk, the  world’s most popular facial animation software.

Every year, we are amazed to see how CrazyTalk is used globally in so many fun and creative ways, ways that awaken our curiosity and inspiration!

To pay tribute to these awesome CrazyTalk artists, we have selected the Top 5 CrazyTalk animations from 2015. Roll the tape!


Top 1.《Behind closed doors》by Jānis Skulme

Official music video for Olga Korsak’s song – “Behind closed doors”. A professionally made music video where they used CrazyTalk 7 to animate paintings and sculptures.

This CrazyTalk animated video perfectly demonstrates how CrazyTalk is not just a fun tool for creating talking heads and talking avatars, but that it also lends itself to professional and corporate applications with very high quality results that save artists, companies and studios lots of time, money and effort.


Highly Commended Award for 3D Software – Character Creator




iClone Character Creator just won the Highly Commended Award for software on 3D World Magazine’s 2016 February issue; receiving a score of  4 out of 5.

Reviewer Rob Redman is an industry veteran, who runs course covering VFX, animation and filmmaking.

Here are some of his review quotes-

Highly-Commended_100x100“The integration with iClone is a big selling point, as the integration is where the power lies. “

“Reallusion have spend real development time ensuring there are many choices to help personlise figure-from refined makeup and skin tone controls, to elements of wear and tear, and even rips to add to clothing.”

“The resulting figures are not at the pinnacle of quality; they’re not meant to be. They are rigged, and are easy to work with; perfect for pre-viz and visualisation work.”

Character Creation is a specialized tool that takes a massive amount of effort, and converts into a single, easy to use process which any character design professional will absolutely love.

To experience the power of iClone’s Character Creator, with free 3D character downloads for the Unity 3D platform. Visit: http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/game


Create Game Characters for Unreal

Character Creator is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool that allows you to create an unlimited variety of game characters for your Unreal game project.

This 5-part tutorial series starts off by creating a character from scratch in Character Creator, then proceeds to show you how to animate both the face and body in iClone. From there, you’ll learn about the correct import/export settings for getting your character and game motions into Unreal. Finally, the last tutorial tackles the task of getting your character to move around in your game project and animate both body and face at the press of a button. 

1. Creating your Own Character

This demonstrates the process of creating your own character while touching on some of the powerful customization tools, Substance material effects and the addition of accessories.


Learn How to Create 3D Character to Unity

Hi everybody! We’ve been getting a lot of questions since we launched the  iClone Game Character Design Platform about how to  create 3D characters for use in  Unity3D, Unreal and Autodesk Stingray. Whether you are embarking on your first game project or you’re a seasoned pro, these tutorials will help you quickly design and morph a 3D character:

1.Shape the Body and Face

Shape the body and face with a massive array of options for quickly morphing a custom look. Edit the clothing, skin and face with the Appearance Editor and finalize the design for iClone.


Reallusion Unveils iClone Game Character Design Platform

The first Lip-Sync Ready 3D Character solution that will Revolutionize the Character Creation Process



CGW-logo-Black3dtotal logoanimation magazine logoHeadline News


Reallusion level-up game development with the launch of iClone Game Character Design Platform, the first Lip-Sync Ready 3D Character solution in the market. This platform takes the 3D character creation process into another generation where the long and arduous 3D character design is no longer necessary.


iClone – Top 5 Adventure Animations of 2015

TOP 5_Adventure_1210

Since its inception iClone has always been a fan favorite when it comes to creating 3D animated movies, due to its director’s chair perspective on fast and easy storytelling. For this and many other reasons, its no surprise that one can discover many great sci-fi / adventure films made with iClone 3D animation software.

Here we chose the Top 5 Adventure Animations of 2015 to pay tribute to all you adventure artists out there!


Top 1. 《Orphan Chronicles》  by Josh Osborne

When a planned delivery goes wrong, the Orphan and the delivery girl – Eve, discover more than they bargain for, setting the stage for a most entertaining story…

With outstanding cartoon-like characters, a stylized animation style, and fine attention to details this animated movie tops the list as the best iClone Adventure Animation for 2015. Congratulations on an awesome job guys!



iClone – Top 5 Musical Animations of 2015


TOP 5_Music_1210

iClone users worldwide create stunning animations that are often used in movie-making, commercial explainer videos, games, pre-visualizations and just about everything. And once in a while we stumble upon animated music videos that instantly make us smile. Some of these animations are created for professional projects while others are just created for fun. Either way, we would like to salute them by including them in our Top 5 Musical Animations for 2015!

Top 1.  Roberto Colombo – Another day in Paradise (Phil Collins)

Rather than a movie, Roberto Colombo decided to plug himself into a beautiful 3D world where he portrayed the duality of life in a constant struggle for balance. Roberto recorded videos of himself against a green screen, chroma keyed them out and, thanks to iClone 6 Pro, brought them into Another Day in Paradise.


Highlights – Reallusion @ SIGGRAPH ASIA

Panel discussion – How to Develop Previs in Asia?

Reallusion participated at the grand annual CG event at Asia- SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015, held in Kobe, Japan on November 2nd-5th. Cristopher Chen, Vice President of Reallusion, as one of the founding director of the PREVISUALIZATION SOCIETY ASIA, lead a panel discussion in SIGGRAPH with the topic – “How to Develop PreVis in Asia?” with 4 other speakers on November 4th.


Previs is one of the most important techniques to support the film making process