Bring Your Data to Life with Animated Infographics

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Whether in school or work, we’ve all sat through countless presentations – some quite engaging, but others – pretty painful.  Chances are, some of those were painful because of how the data was presented – in massive tables and hard-to-read graphs that lacked a compelling story.  Many presenters believe that “the numbers speak for themselves” and that the audience will automatically follow the speaker’s logic.

But this assumption is dangerous and does a huge disservice to data, massively hindering its potential.


Game Character Animation Contest – Win $5,000 worth of prizes


Are you an animator, a 3D artist, or a game enthusiast that dreams about showing your work to the 3D community while winning thousands of dollars in prizes?

Well then, head on over to the Game Character Animation contest to compete in this summer’s hottest animation contest where you can use the 3D software of your choice, or claim a free version of iClone to use in the contest!