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Beyond GoAnimate: Comparing CrazyTalk Animator 2

Editor: David Arandle


If you're like me and have been using GoAnimate to create low cost explainer videos or other animated cartoons then you'll certainly have discovered many of  GoAnimate's limitations. You may even be looking for an alternative? CrazyTalk Animator 2 by Reallusion is a professional animation studio that, like GoAnimate, requires no drawing skills at all but can give you more flexibility to animate your ideas exactly as you visualise them. It may be the animation solution you've really be looking for.

GoAnimate, a cloud based and easy to learn animation studio, gives you access to an extensive library of predefined and pre-animated content. It's pretty great and highly optimised for the business market. However new users run into the limitations very quickly. Usually by discovering a character can't perform some action they need, often having to find some kind of compromise or work around.

CrazyTalk Animator 2 is a software application, available for PC or MAC, that brings advanced character animation within the  reach of almost anyone. Its relatively easy to learn animation studio includes several ready made,  customisable avatars that can be animated with predefined 2D and 3D motions (or you can create your own motions entirely from scratch). Also included is a selection of backgrounds and props to get you started.

Production time between GoAnimate and CrazyTalk Animator 2 is comparable but largely dictated by the needs of each project. I've found that projects of similar lengths can be completed in CrazyTalk Animator 2 in about the same amount of time if sticking to predefined content and motions.

Unlike GoAnimate, CrazyTalk Animator 2 is a one time purchase. There are no ongoing monthly fees and all purchased content is royalty free - meaning you can use it in both commercial and non-commercial productions.

What You Can Do with CrazyTalkAnimator 2 that You Can't with GoAnimate

One of the most common complaints I've heard from GoAnimate users is not being able to show characters facing away from the camera. CrazyTalk Animator 2's Multi-dimensional Avatars (characters) consist of ten different views working together so the Avatar can be viewed from almost any angle. The program automatically calculates which view of every body part needs to be displayed in order to achieve your pose or animated sequence. You'll never be frustrated by only one or two viewing angles again.

The avatars are not truly three dimensional but the software treats them as if they are. As such you can even import 3D motions created in iClone (Reallusion's 3D movie studio) and use them with your CrazyTalk Animator 2 Avatars (note this is a Pipeline feature only).

CrazyTalk Animator 2 has the ability to create animated characters from photos with it's morphed based heads. Surprisingly easy to create, you can add these heads to any character body for a very unique look to your animation. If you run a business imagine putting yourself right into your animation for a more personal message.

Avatars and props can also be rendered in up to 9 different preset styles in just a few clicks. Choose from line art, neon, pop art and more. You can even control the thickness of your Avatars outlines on individual body parts if you want to emphasise things closer to the camera – or remove the lines altogether.

With a lot of effort, you can simulate perspective in GoAnimate. CrazyTalk Animator 2, by default, creates perspective automatically using a perspective based camera. Move characters and props closer or further away from the camera and their size will be modified accordingly. Pan across a scene and things closer to the camera will move faster than those further away. It's all done automatically – you don't have to think about it all.

The perspective camera includes a number of different lens simulations for added effect or, if you want your entire scene to have a more flat look switch to the orthographic camera.

For business users who rely on Power Point, Keynote or other similar programs, CrazyTalk Animator 2 can be used to create unique character based clip art or custom made animated GIFs to really get your presentations moving. Export single images as transparent PNG files or export animated sequences as GIF animations.

You could also use your PNG Clip art to personalize your products and other illustration based advertising with your CrazyTalk Animator 2 Avatar.

Right now if you take up a trial offer of Crazytalk Animator 2 you can get a whole library of free GIF's for use in your own presentations.


CrazyTalk Animator 2 is worth considering if you're finding GoAnimate too limiting. It's relatively easy to learn, includes plenty of content to get you started and its multi-dimensional avatars present almost unlimited possibilities in realising your animated vision.

No monthly fees and royalty free content makes it a great solution for creating business explainer or training videos. If that sounds like something you're interested in then visit Reallusion's business product page to learn more.

If you see yourself as someone who has a wider, more general interest in animation with a vision for  creating animated web shorts - or even animation for TV - then visit Reallusion's Product page for Animation Professionals.

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About David Arandle

Online I am known as TET or 'The Extraordinary Tourist'. My real name is 'David Arandle'. I'm a self represented artist, video maker and writer of social commentary observations amongst many other things. I'm currently based in Gawler, South Australia.



Reallusion exhibits at ISTE - Atlanta

Reallusion joined over 15,000 educators and tech leaders from around the world in Atlanta for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) expo. Attendees come to ISTE each year to learn about technological advancements in the classroom and sharing of ideas that promote hands-on technology experiences for students. 

Over 300 teachers and students spent time talking with us during the event and saw demonstrations of CrazyTalk7, CrazyTalk Animator2 and iClone for presentations, e-learning and teaching animation.  Many educators already have multimedia based learning modules and were looking for a way to incorporate animation into their curriculum or were there looking into innovative apps to use on their newly equipped iPads or laptops.

Reallusion's solutions for the classroom are showcased at where you'll find many case studies and classroom examples. From 2D to 3D animation, Reallusion's software and apps provide educators and students of K-12 and higher education with a classroom kit for introducing animation to students of any age or skill-level.  

Beyond the classroom, Reallusion's software is also at work with serious animation for e-learning and online assessments at Atlanta based, CEB (Corporate Executive Board) a global company that provides Fortune 500 businesses with advanced online assessments through animated business simulations.  The CEB team visited the Reallusion booth for insight into our upcoming features of iClone6 and discussion about their use of iClone on a daily basis to produce animation simulations for T-Mobile, American Express, Swarovski and more. It was great to meet Missy, Brian and see one of our very own trainers, James Martin.

About ISTE


The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) is the premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in advancing excellence in learning and teaching through the innovative and effective uses of technology in PK–12 and teacher education. Home to the ISTE Conference and Expo and the widely adopted ISTE Standards (formerly known as the NETS), ISTE represents more than 100,000 professionals worldwide and is a dedicated education technology advocate. for more information.

Part idea incubator and part collaborative workspace, ISTE’s conference and expo brings educators of all types and grade levels together to share discoveries and develop solutions for their greatest challenges—all while connecting to a global network of education resources. 


2014 FIFA World Cup Cartoon Series Hits 2 Million Views in One Week with CrazyTalk Animator 2

4-4-2oons wins over the internet by weekly animating this summer’s FIFA World Cup game parodies thanks to the lighting production speed of CrazyTalk Animator 

United Kingdom animation producer, Mark Stobbart is running an animated football-related parodies channel called 4-4-2oons, producing gut-busting World Cup videos every week. With CrazyTalk Animator’s fast production and custom avatar creation, 442oons’ animated football parodies have  been on national news and TV channels in Holland, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia, Colombia and Sweden.

No Other Software Can Deliver Like CrazyTalk Animator 2

When animating concurrent events, it’s no wonder why many animators shy away from the production nightmares that daily animation entails, with creation logistics that only powerhouse studios can afford -- but not Mark Stobbart who has unlocked the secret of weekly, almost daily, animation thanks to the muscle of CrazyTalk Animator 2. 

Mark originally trained as an actor and voiceover artist in London, having no previous experience in animation. But being a massive fan of animated comedy, and football had motivated him to combine the best of both worlds producing 442oons as a channel that is all about poking fun at the football world.  

“No-one is safe!” – says Mark.  “Ideas, scripting, voicing, singing, editing, most artwork, animating, production and publication are all done by me - as well as promoting the channel!”

Being a one-man-army has its merits as it helps me make my animation dreams come true by leveraging CrazyTalk Animator’s clear advantages like being easy to learn, having customizable characters, fast production and high quality output. CrazyTalk Animator provides a quicker way to get my story and ideas animated and this is the secret that allows me to produce animated videos every day. I also love how easy it is to create customized characters with unique personalities. It helps a lot when I create players that look like real football players in my FIFA animations. During the 2014 World Cup, I have produced around 70 unique characters for 32 teams in total. The latest 2 minute video took only around 8 hours - this was very quick because I could recycle two characters and props that I had already created for earlier videos. It was worth it in the end, and the quality of the final video is so rewarding when I watch it back.” – explains Mark Stobbart. 


More about Mark Stobbart: 

442oons YouTube channel:



In the last video, we took a look at how tessellation allows you to add geometry to any model, and have it render in real-time via the addition of height and vector displacement maps. This time around, we’re going to introduce you to Substance Dynamic Texture, a new feature that will give you unlimited options for surface materials.

Episode3: Substance Dynamic Texture

Texture Swapping

Texture swapping is an example of how you can transition between textures by changing the strengths of various properties. Users will be able to set keyframes to gradually move between various visual representations of the same texture, giving a single texture an unlimited variety of appearances!

Weathering Effect to 3D Blocks

By giving it a dynamic texture surface, it's easy to turn any geometric shape into a natural-looking object with weathering effect such as rust on metal, moss on woods, dirt on rocks, and more.

Dynamic Shape Change

Not only can users blend one texture into another, but these powerful textures can also be combined with displacement maps to create visually stunning changes in shape and appearance.


3D Total Review: Jahirul Amin uses his professional knowledge to take Reallusion's newest iteration of CrazyTalk Animator out for a spin…

 Review Score: 4 out of 5 

"CrazyTalk Animator 2 has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve: from its Multi-Dimensional Character System, allowing you to animate characters at different angles, to its ability to render out in numerous styles."

"If you are interested at creating animated content but without the hassle of everything that comes with it, I highly recommend you try it out."

"Overall, CrazyTalk Animator 2 is a great little package that may seem a little quirky but comes with a pretty powerful punch. And like I said previously, it's a good bundle of fun."

"what I found to be CrazyTalk Animator 2's great strength was the ease at which you could build your own characters and apply the same animation clips that are supplied with the package. Either through editing photographs or designing your own assets in external packages such as Photoshop or Flash, you could very easily start creating your own personal animation."

Read more:


iClone6 Work in Progress- Episode 2

In our last video (Episode1), you learned all about the real-time surface smoothing capabilities that will be introduced in iClone 6, that automatically created smoother and more even surfaces on models in real-time using distance adaptive technology.

This time around, we have something even cooler… Tesselation!

Episode2: Tessellation


Tessellation allows you to add geometry to any model and have it render in real-time via the addition of height and vector displacement maps. This is made possible with Direct X 11, which iClone 6 will support!

In a real-time environment, it’s hard to create detailed surfaces without raising polygon count significantly. However, the appearance of surface details can be accomplished via height or vector displacement maps, which create the illusion of texture on a surface by applying a pre-generated image map to it. 


By modifying the hieight displacement map alone, you can also change facial details, giving you the ability to customize and emphasize certain facial features as well.

The limitation of height maps is that it is just that, creating the illusion of height, but often without detailed curvature or shape. Vector displacement on the other hand is able to produce incredibly detailed shapes from simple material map data.

One of the huge advantages of vector displacement is the ability to produce undercut details on your model. Where height displacement simply stretches out the geometry, vector displacement produces refined curves and edges, creating an unparalleled sense of detail to your model.



The Winner of Animation@Work goes to…

We would like to salute all the winners of this year’s Animation@Work competition, which helped us to show how CrazyTalk can be utilized in real life projects! We were surprised at the creativity and professional production values that all of the participants demonstrated in their submissions. There were tons of exceptional productions; however we only have a handful of awards to send out. Congratulations to all the winners! We hope to see all of you in the next CrazyTalk Animator competition!


Check out the winners' works!

Check out all the entries!


iClone6 Work in Progress- Episode 1

We are working hard on the development of iClone 6, and you might be wondering about what sort of astounding improvements it has in store. As a little treat for our users, we present to you a very special ‘iClone Work in Progress’ series. This is the first of a series of videos that will give all of our talented users a sneak peak at how Reallusion is bringing you cutting-edge real-time visual technology in iClone 6 that can help to expand your production potential.

In this first video, we introduce real-time surface smoothing, which essentially smoothes out the appearance of objects and characters in your scene so they look more detailed and of higher quality.

Real-time surface smoothing is being developed exclusively by Reallusion as our proprietary technology. It enhances the appearance of scene objects without sacrificing system performance. Previously, the term real-time meant that scene objects had to have a low polygon count in order to maintain flawless software performance. Real-time surface smoothing breaks that mold, and utilizes otherwise dormant resources in your system’s GPU to enhance polygon counts in real-time, which results in the appearance of more visual refinement without a loss in performance.

Episode1: Real-time Surface Smoothing 


Reallusion exhibits at C2E2 - Chicago

Chicago, IL - April 2014 - Reallusion showcased 2D Animation with CrazyTalk7 and CrazyTalk Animator2 at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).  C2E2 is considered the 3rd largest Comic-con in the USA with San Diego and New York ranking above it, but this 4 year-old event is a great experience if you love pop-culture and lots of Stormtroopers. 

CrazyTalk7 - Make Any Image Talk!

CrazyTalk7 and CrazyTalk Animator2 demonstraded how comic enthuiasts, superhero fans, the many factions of sci-fi junkies, illustrators and creative folks of all ages could easily become animators.  CrazyTalk7 demo highlighted the ability to take any image scan or your sketches or illustrations and turn them into animated puppets that can be lip-synched within minutes to create movies you can edit or share.  

CrazyTalk Animator2 - Now for Mac and PC!

CrazyTalk Animator2 unveiled Reallusion's first CTA verison for Mac OS bringing the full capability to a cartoon studio into your control.  CrazyTalk Animator2's unique full 3D for 2D character composer builds instant avatars that are ready to animate and lip-synch to your voice.  The characters you can generate are powerful with full 3D rotation and animation from the simple 2D design.  This 3D for 2D approach allows CTA2 to provide the ability to animate 2D avatars with 3D motion data, including motion capture and mocap file libraries from other popular 3D packages.  iClone is a direct pipeline to 3D motion for 2D animaton. 

What is C2E2?

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo - also known as C2E2 - is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. Bringing the best of popular culture to Downtown Chicago, C2E2’s show floor is packed with hundreds of exhibitors, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators and screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen!


Videos and Photos from C2E2 2014





CrazyTalk Animator Featured Developer - Garry Pye

Do you know why Garry chose to use CrazyTalk Animator? Let’s see what he said.

The first thing that grabbed my attention with CrazyTalk Animator was the fact that it was able to produce the look of the old cartoons I watched on TV as a kid. It allows me to get the same feel of those cartoons without having to painstakingly draw every frame. The simple key framing and tweening system along with the flexibility of the character joints and available motion packs means I can animate a character running across the screen with one button. That allows me to focus on the performance of my characters instead of the boring frame by frame work.

But the thing that impressed me most when I first discovered CrazyTalk Animator was that not only could you animate the characters, but the incredible flexibility of animating the camera movements and the three dimensional look you could create with two dimensional illustrations. That's what really sells an animation and makes it more polished. The ability to push the camera through the scene as if it were a live action movie set.

The learning curve with CrazyTalk Animator was really just a matter of watching the online tutorials and then trying out each function for myself to see what results I could get. You can read all the instruction manuals you can get your hands on, but nothing beats the "hands on" approach. Click a button. See what it does. I was able to create my first short animation using the included content within an hour or so. From then on, it was just a matter of learning the finer details.


To See more of Garry Pye's work and videos, visit 

Garry's company:

YouTube channel:

Content store in the RL marketplace:


CrazyTalk Animator Garry Pye Things You Don't See Coming 1

Dungeon for CrazyTalk Animator by Garry Pye

CrazyTalk Animator Garry Pye 1